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    Registered User Jurgend71's Avatar
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    dvdr to use to ps2 backups

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    Hi all,

    I was wondering what kind of dvdr's do you all use to burn your ps2 backups on?? ( trade mark etc.)

    Thx in advantance

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    well i think the best dvd-r can be agreed to be taiyo yuden, then theres ritek which many say is producing poor quality ones at the moment, verbatium and then ive used optodisc and not had a issue. some ps2's like different media but you usually get what you pay for. cheap media will lose data faster, have longer loading and make movies skip over time. Dvd's are so cheap now that i say just get say a 50 pack of taiyo yuden and see how they work for you.

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    Exactly. I have a v1 v2 which use ANY media with no problems what so ever. Have a v4 v5 and v7 that only like Maxell +R or Verbatim -R (taiyo yuden happen not to work for mine ). Everything else, like northernpimp mentioned, tends to have recouckulous loading times and movies skipping. It really just depends on your particular machine. Best thing to do is shop around till you find the one that suits your needs

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    I like:

    I don't like
    Compusa (Princo) *These disks will lose your data in under a year. AVOID

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    my media preferences are these: verbatim, ritek and maxell. For me i dont see any diffrence in using either + or -, but the majority of people will say - is better.

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    -R is more compatible with older PS2s'
    I like to stick with Verbatim and Riteks.
    If you plan on backing up a game that streams off the disk (Need for Speedunderground, GTA, ect..) then Id say Ritek because they've never failed me on a streaming game.
    Memorex are terrible for streaming games so Id agree with Kraken on that for sure.
    Ive backed up games with no issues up to 4x. Recently I did Transformers at 8x and my friend told me it wouldn't play but I'm not sure if it's the speed or the DVD, need to do more testing.

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    I use CompUsa brand DVD -R 2X So far no problems

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    IMO from personal use of memorex and compusa brand, they lost data on me and skipped like the ps2 was jump roping. Why take the chance of losing data or having to burn/waste dvd's and just got with a quality brand. They are what 10cents more a disc? but i say do what most of us do and stay away from cheap stuff.

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    I use and only use 8x Ritek dvd-rs. I am not sure they are the best for movies for your home dvd player because on some home players it may have little problems, but for games and movies for the ps2, its perfect. I burn at 4x even though its an 8x dvd because it makes a perfect burn each time. I can't recommend others too much but my dvd+rw verbatim discs I have are not that good.
    I would go with the 8x Ritek dvd-r's. The 4x dvd-r's are not as good, I don't think as the 8x.

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    i use sony -r never failed so far.


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