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    Duke Nukem Forever is Still in Development

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    Despite the recent legal drama, 3D Realms claim that Duke Nukem Forever is still being developed.

    According to ShackNews, the status disclosure can be found within court documents relating to the franchise, to quote:

    "[3D Realms/Apogee Ltd.] admits that it has continually worked on the development of the DNF for many years, and continues to do so," reads the specific clause.

    It also appears that publisher Take-Two began development of another Duke Nukem game, dubbed Duke Begins, in 2007 which was canned in April 2009 as publisher support ceased.

    This of course leads to speculation that 'Duke Begins' was as much a bargaining chip in negotiations with 3D Realms as it was a legitimate product.

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    Nothing in the history of mankind has ever been quite as pathetic as Duke Nukem Forever. This is just... so, so sad.

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    i have never played Duke Nukem, i dont know if this a bad a good thing or bad.
    but the fact that the company still seeks to end the development of this game for production makes me want to play it.

    the drama they made is so much to ignore.

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    You know, I really liked Duke Nukem 3D. It was anice step past Doom and Doom 2 with the few features its engine had that Doom's didn't. We're talking about mid 1990's though here... does anyone really still care at all about this game?

    I mean could it possibly be so amazing that it will be recieved well after 10+ years? It's just a first person shooter and by today's standards anything even remotely like the Duke Nukem formula would probably feel very stale.

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    IMO I think that it had better be a good game.

    If they have been working so long on it they must be polishing the heck out of it. They better be good. I bet it is one of those make or break games. If it doesn't succeed their development company will be out on the street begging for change.

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    wow, i didnt even know it was being developed

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    Wow, this game has got to be the number one vaporware game of ALL TIME. PERIOD.

    I think they have a couple of guys that they call in every 5 years or so to make new "concept shots" of what the game will look like, just so they can throw around screenshots and pretend this game will actually ever be made.

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    thats why they call it forever i guess it will take them forever to make this game

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaDLeB View Post
    thats why they call it forever i guess it will take them forever to make this game
    You're about a decade late on that joke, but props anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagnillo View Post
    You're about a decade late on that joke, but props anyway
    yes, this is a good post.. 5points


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