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    Dragon Quest VIII

    Works with SM 2.0 DVD on Legacy 4x DVD-R at 4x.

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    Apr 2005
    works for me as well with SM2.0 on my v9

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    Works fine on V4 & SM3.6

    TOC = 3,89GB


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    works on v4/SM 2.0

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    Works, but long load times V5 ps2/swap magic 3.6.

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    This game won't boot for me, ive got Swap Magic 3.6 and Dragon Quest VIII fails to boot at all, it loads up until the light on the controller comes on then the game just fails to load any further and it just sits on a black screen with the DVD spinning away.

    I read a guide for rebuilding and removing the DMYDATA file, but even that did not work. I've reburned 3 times now and it's still not booting up for me! :??

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    hi i'm new on this forum i have booted dqVIII but it is loading long time and it freezes after event with second time visiting alexandria i can't go any further cause of that could you help??

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    Works fine with sm3.6 ps2 v7, but sometimes long loading.

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    Feb 2006
    works with sm3.8 ps2 v4.

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    Apr 2006
    It works too , but i've huge load time. And there is often some problem to read the disc. It's a Verbatim and all others games runs fine. Moreover, i've burned it in 1x so i dunno what's going on with this game.

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