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    Quote Originally Posted by Resident0
    This game won't boot for me, ive got Swap Magic 3.6 and Dragon Quest VIII fails to boot at all, it loads up until the light on the controller comes on then the game just fails to load any further and it just sits on a black screen with the DVD spinning away.
    I have the same thing... it's maybe the version (me = SLES_539.74 pal multi) i use verbatim 8x too burned in 2X ... Could someone can tell us that kind of files (or a list of files) include in the iso. Thanks a lot !

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    Works for me... V12, SM3.8, Media is Taiyo burned at 1.0X. I keep feeling that Taiyo DVD-R loads even faster than original PS2 discs, is it just me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by patryk19880 View Post
    hi i'm new on this forum i have booted dqVIII but it is loading long time and it freezes after event with second time visiting alexandria i can't go any further cause of that could you help??
    i have the same problem as you too... did you manage to fix it??

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    Works fine on V4 & SM3.6 too

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