Heads up that this weekend from Friday the 12th - Sunday the 14th on Xbox Live (PS3 event will be later, closer to the 18th), we値l be having Double XP all weekend long on every playlist.

In addition, we値l be doing some DLC promotion on the Xbox Live Marketplace that will allow you to download the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Variety Map Pack for 50% off, which means you値l be able to snag all four maps for just 400 MS points.

That痴 not all though, thanks to so many of you who have written in and requested; we致e been able to work it out to get the Prestige Gamer pic pack back on the marketplace for download for all those who missed out on it痴 limited offering during our last LIVE fire weekend.

So you値l be able to grab gamer pics of every prestige rank after downloading the discounted Variety Map Pack.

Some of the IW crew and myself will be jumping on this weekend to prey on all the new Variety Map Pack owners wandering lost in Chinatown, ripe for the picking. Be sure to add the following Xbox Live gamertags so you can join in on some of the games:

- Fourzerotwo
- COD4artistWill
- COD4qaEd
- COD4qaJustin
- COD4designerJon
- COD4designer1
- COD4designer2
- COD4studioVince
- COD4studioJason

The official Play With Devs time is Noon - 4pm PDT on Saturday, but we値l be jumping on and off unofficially all weekend long. This is all going down exclusively on Xbox Live this weekend, but don稚 worry PS3 players, because we値l be doing the same for you guys ; but due to schedule conflicts we couldn稚 do them back to back so the PS3 weekend will be closer to Sept the 18th (I値l have a dedicated post for our PS3 users on that event), but you can expect some of the same benefits and festivities. More PlayStation 3 News...