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    DolBoot v1.0.2 Boot Loader Dol Binding Utility Released

    phpgeek has released a tool which binds any homebrew application with the appropriate boot loader.

    I developed this tool to aid me in compiling the source for preloader. What it basically does is binds any homebrew application with the appropriate boot loader, calculates the correct offsets and modifies the dol header accordingly. The modified dol will then be able to legally boot in place of the systems menu. It can easily be linked with devkitPro to create a seamless compilation process, for any developer who wishes to develop an application that replaces the systems menu.

    This is a dangerous tool if you do not know what you are doing, so if you do not have BootMii installed to boot2 or have no idea what the information above means then I strongly suggest that you don't download this tool!
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