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    OK, so I recently got the MagicSwitch (those 3 plastic pieces... i think that's what they are called) along with Magic Swap v3.6 for my PSTwo (v12). I started making a few backups, got 8 DVDs and 1 CD game 100% working, all on TDK 8x DVD-Rs (except for the CD of course).

    Other than GTA:San Andreas, which I read somewhere on these forums that it's been known to give trouble, the only game I've had a problem burning is Burnout: Revenge. Now I've already read about 3 or 4 other threads about it, and I got the same symptom too where at the first loading screen it freezes while the DVD keeps spinning. Now, the reason I decided to make a new thread was because there was a question I had that was never answered.

    Does patching the DNAS files in an image before burning effect the game's overall playability after being burned?

    Burnout is the first Online-Playable game I ever attempted to burn (because I wanted to make sure that all the O-P game backups I make actually allow me to play online). Anyway, I followed the steps in the online tutorial found on the main page and everything went great, until I tried playing the game, which is when I came up with the question. I know Burnout 4 has been giving people trouble, so if I have to burn it w/o patching just so I can play it, then that's fine... I just don't want to have to waste a bunch of DVDs on something that wont work just because I didnt ask first.

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    ive patched 50+ online backups including burnout revenge and ive had no problems. even if you patch the dnas file incorrectly the game should still boot fine its just gonna give you a dnas error when trying to go online.

    use high quality media such as taiyo yoden and dvd decrypter and you should be fine. unless your lasers on the way out.

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