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    Disgruntled Ex-GameStop Employee Takes it to YouTube

    Below is a video of YouTube rants from a former GameStop employee known only as 'WhistleBlowerZero', who has made a 9 part (!) series in the style of Zero Punctuation to explain exactly how bad GameStop is to employees and customers alike.

    Many of the tidbits within will hardly be a surprise to anyone who's ever set foot in one of their stores and/or had the misfortune of working retail, but the series seems to be targeted more at the casual consumer and perhaps people who think working at GameStop sounds like a great job.

    Viva la revoluci?br />
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    That's Great! I bought a DS game for my son there and when he got it home it was the wrong game and I had to go back. I very rarely go there, I find better deals on craigslist by hot moms selling their kids crap cause the kid's making bad grades in school. And I do mean some of the moms are HOTTTT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthi8nt View Post
    And I do mean some of the moms are HOTTTT!
    MILFs... YUMMM.

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    Nice, i was going to post this yesterday, but i thought it wouldn't be recieved well.. hehe..

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    Yes, if you haven't heard already, WhistleBlowerZero's Youtube account has been SUSPENDED, mostly likely for the crime of giving a swift kick in the rear to GameStop. For all you lovers of free speech out there, his videos are available (for the time being) on, as uploaded by daxter241, JohnRazor, and probably a few other people by now.


    This links to video 3 of 9. Videos 1 and 2 are found through links directly beneath the video plugin, but are tagged for mature audiences, so you have to input a valid birthdate to view them.

    You can also download higher quality versions of the videos (for now) off Zero Originality Episode 1 - It's Not Stealing. It's Borrowing. Zero Originality Episode 2 - No is Subjective Zero Originality Episode 3 Part 1 - Working at the Dream Job Zero Originality Episode 3 Part 2 - It Gets Worse

    I am not affiliated with WhistleBlowerZero, daxter241, JohnRazor, GameStop, any of their subsidiaries, or any of their competitors. I'm just your average pissed-off consumer trying to help "the cause".

    Thanks for your time.

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