Like the show it's based on, the Lost video game has remained full of mysteries, with only brief tantalizing snippets of information eked out. Finally, though, the time has arrived for the answers to come out in a season finale-like orgy of screenshots, videos, and gameplay bullet points. At least that's what we're hoping for as Ubisoft unveils Lost for the Xbox360, PlayStation 3, and PC at Comic-Con International today.

So far Ubisoft has only given us a little bit to whet our appetites with. The main character in the game will be a passenger of the doomed Oceanic Flight 815 -- it's not 100% confirmed yet, but the implication seems to be that this is a new character who has not appeared on theshow yet. It appears that the game will be set up in a similar way to the television show, with adventures on the island intercut with flashbacks revealing secrets from the main character's past. Also, perhaps most importantly: yes, the game will give players the chance to go toe-to-toe with Lost's ubiquitous smoke monster. Sweet!

Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse commented on the game, having already seen an early build of it months ago:

"The sense of adventure and suspense that we strive forin the show is also captured in the Lost video game. Ubisoft has done a fantastic job and come up with a game that is visually amazing and imaginative both on its own and as an extension of the world of the show."

Ubisoft will debut the first trailer from the game at the Lost Season 4 panel later tonight, but GameVideos got a hold of it a bit early.

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