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    Problems with Def Jam: Fight For NY

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    I extracted the iso from my hdd so I could burn a copy of it but when I burn it, it doesn't even start up (stays on the black screen). I thought this was because I extracted it from the hdd, but then I tried the same thing with Red Dead Revolver and that works, so I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Maybe there's a patch or something that I need? Any help us appreciated.

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    SwapMagicFix.com: Needs CDLoader/DVDLoader.

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    My rebuilded copy works perfect!

    (PStwo SM3.3)

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    I've been meaning to ask...how do you rebuild a game anyways?

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    are there cd/dvd loaders for swap magic 3.3

    I am also having a problem with this game, i used dvd decrypter method but the game does not load.

    Can anyone tell me if there is a patch for this game or where i can get the cd/dvd loaders for swap magic 3.3 for this specific game???

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    Arent those cd/dvd loaders only for swap magic 2.0? or can you use them with swap magic 3.3 also?

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    works fine for me

    All I did was use dvd decrypter to extract an iso and burned it using nero.
    No cogswap or cd loader needed,plays every time.(I have the NTSC version)
    It could be your media.
    SM 3.3
    V5 PAL
    Slide tool

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    sjul what media did you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abdiel8
    sjul what media did you use?
    I Used TDK but have used Riteks to do this game with no probs. Any good quality media should do.

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    NTSC version

    all right - it worked good for me so far without any other software
    Made a 1:1 with Alcohol 120%
    played on PS2Two v12 (NTSC), SM 3.6, Philips DVD+R thats it


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