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    decrypting for dummies

    hi everybody... i'm new to this strnge world made of decrypting programs and i would like to get answer for my problems (i know this is already been discussed, but the responses got a bit out of my problems, which are the matters of an almost complete ignorant ) this is the situation:

    - i bought NBA street v3 ntsc thinking it would work on my pal ps2 simply using SM3;

    -using the original frozes at the loading screen
    now i would like to now the best prog to decrypt into an .iso for using the patch on this site (dark nba thing) or alternatively if you now another way to do it

    I tried DVD decrypter, but it couldnt read my dvd! i think there is something behind my knowledge... with my humble excuses for putting up this discussion again.

    yours chodaboy

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    DVD Decrypter usage instructions can be found right in the PS2 DVD Back-Up Tutorials sticky thread. Just follow steps 1 through 5 and you'll have a nice ISO image of your game on your PC HDD.

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