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    Post Creating X-Box Images Tutorial & Tools!

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    Attached below is a Tutorial and the required tools/files to create X-Box Images for use with the recent X-Box Firmware release. Feel free to use this thread to ask any related questions, etc. Enjoy!
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    SS Patcher v1.1 is now available with the following changes:

    Version 1.1
    - Redesigned (more easy) interface
    - Added auto-calcuation of LAST_PSN based on layerbreak
    - Option to "Trim" an image eliminating unused space
    - Option to create a new image combining video+game+security_sector
    - Posibility to patch any file you want at any location you want
    - Posibility to extract any sector (PSN or LBA) that you want
    - Use with caution
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    Version 1.2

    - Layerbreak will be considered as the last PSN of layer 0
    (previous versions works fine but have the concept wrong because CloneCD shows the layerbreak+1 as the layerbreak).

    - Added Drive Tools section to support:
    - eject-tray
    - close-tray
    - stop-spin
    - start-spin
    - retrieve Security Sector from original game (of course you will need a xbox samsung drive flashed with 605b0800.bin attached to your pc)
    - Read Dvd structure (for retrieving last_psn and layerbreak values)
    - Launch of TheSpecialist unlocker (credit goes to him)
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    Version 1.5:

    What is this tool?
    This Graphical tool allows patching your XBOX and XBOX 360 Game Images with your own Security Sector file at the right addess, making the full process easier, fast and error free. This app is for those who wants to create a game image to play with the Commodore4eva hacked firmware (for xbox 1 or for 360)

    There are other important features of the app like:
    a) Image Browser, you can view the file structure, copy structure to clipboard, extract and replace files into the game image (dont replace an important file or you will burn a coaster)
    b) Browser supports XBOX and XBOX 360 raw dumps, XBOX and XBOX 360 Quix ISO’s. (some newer releases from warez groups are not supported because they are releasing in wrong format: Nero ISO)
    c) Trim your Raw Images (XBOX and XBOX 360) eliminating the unused extra space from the image, lowering your burn time.
    d) Create a XBOX/XBOX 360 Raw Image joining video + game partition
    e) Patch your keys onto hacked firmware
    f) Retrieve Security Sector from original XBOX/XBOX 360 games (read full document)
    g) Mini DVD-Info Pro, this option combines basic functionality from CloneCD and DVD-Info pro, enough for our purposes so you don’t have to switch from one app to another.
    h) Create layout files (.lft) for WXRipper, so you can rip your XBOX 360 games in minutes and without the need of calculating any “magic number”.

    - This app has only been tested in Windows XP
    - Read this document in full
    - If you are using the app and don’t understand some field, re-read the document or leave the default value
    - This app does not contain any copyrighted code from M$, you must supply your own game images and your own security sectors to make it works.
    - I am not using source code from anybody, maybe I just put all the ideas on one tool
    - No warranties from any kind
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