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    Confirmed: Modified X-Box Firmware v2 working!

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    I wanted to wait until it was confirmed working (since Commodore4Eva's previous v1 release wasn't functional) before posting it here, but now it is indeed confirmed as working! The Firmware is currently only for the Samsung SDG-605B/616T/616F DVD drives. To flash the Firmware to your DVD-ROM, you must take the drive out of the X-Box, plug it into your PC, and use the flashing program below. Once done, you can boot X-Box back-ups without the need for a mod-chip, and it is also X-Box Live compatible!

    Further details are in the ReadMe.txt and HowTo.txt files included, and some additional info on this release is available below as well.

    Samsung SDG-605B/616T/616F DVD drive Firmware for X-Box which boot back-ups. Flasher tool for windows included.

    New in this rel: Totaly re-done to read security sector from image, will now work with all games and xbox live. Security sector moved to image. Security sector now read from PSN $fd021e (originals) AND PSN $f9fa00 (back-ups. This is the next sector after end of X-Box game data). Patched read sector routine to work with originals and back-ups. Patched debug cdb command (FF 66 05 or FF 06 05) for bank 0 rom checksum check to return original bank 0 rom checksum.

    Possible X-Box Live checker. Extra debug cdb command found to unlock drive without any challenge response (FF 08 01). Tested with unmodified X-Box with copy of Halo 2 made using hot swap technique, clonecd, original dvd size was psn 30000-FCxxxxx. Added security sector to image with hex editor at psn f9fa00. Also included security sectors from games.
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    I was just reading about it yesterday. I think each game needs to be patched in a way. But I'm quite happy with a modchip myself. So what if you can't play the LiVE games with a chip. MS is just gonna block these hacks soon enough.

    At least buy the games you want to play online... for Xbox at least

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    Is there a way to check which drive is in the xbox without having to open the system?

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    Man i submitted this news wheres my props

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    yes you can, by the way the drive tray has holes in it. google and you can prolly find it.

    SWEET news... now i just wish i didnt hack the dvdrom out of my slim xbox

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    PS3 Directions Buttons

    Quote Originally Posted by mrperfect
    Man i submitted this news wheres my props
    I read the news myself, but I'll give you some Rep Points here instead... it looks like you could use a few anyway as you were in the red.

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    Hey.. I posted it in the staff forum awhile ago... and was told it wasn't real. Doesn't matter.

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    That would be because TheSpecialist reported it as BS everywhere initially... however, now it was revealed that it uses a different method than what he was familiar with and does indeed work this new way.

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    Im not too exited about this, in fact im going to leave the samsung drive in my spare xbox virgin. A softmod is easier in every way, does a whole lot more, and is just as free.

    The biggest problem with this is the DVDs themselves. The images required to boot are very different from the normal xiso format used by chips and softmodders. What is needed is a full image, made by hotswapping discs in a PC (similar to how 360 games are rippeed). Then the security track must be readded through a hex editor and it is different for each game. Finally, regardless of size, the disc must be burned onto a dual layer.

    The only advantage of this is to play on live, but im not paying $60+ for a live account especially since M$ is probably going to detect this within 2 weeks and ban it.

    Now that im through being negative, like Commodore4Eva said, this firmware was only done for him to learn more about the drives to help in hacking the 360. A release for that system won't be so pointless as its the only mod available.

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    All I'm sayin is give props where its due.


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