February 13, 2007 - While it seems like eons ago, the first Halo really set the stage for cooperative style gaming on Xbox. The offline first-person shooter, created by the Mac and PC developer Bungie, brought over the communal aspect of computer gaming, free-flowing multiplayer frag-fests to be specific, that started so long ago with games like id Software's original LAN-supported Doom. But who knew then that Bungie would execute such an excellent two-player offline cooperative game -- and in the process create one of the biggest franchises ever?

Needless to say, the big console hub-bub that started seven years ago is now flourishing on Xbox Live. In 2007, the state of Xbox Live is thriving with millions of Xbox subscribers. But much to the chagrin of hardcore Xbox fans, the state of offline co-op games isn't. And one has to wonder if the two aren't related.

Is split-screen gaming going extinct?

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