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    Jun 2008
    No support from any publishers that are recognizable ... Will suffer the exact same fate as the Sega Saturn... look it up

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    Dec 2010
    But the Sega Saturn had 2 big competitors, the PS1 and N64. The only competitors the iSec has are all those cheap rip offs of real consoles.

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    Reminded me of "Vii" chinese knock-off ages ago..

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    Nov 2010
    I wonder if a third party will release a clone.

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    A clone of a clone is a clone is a clone... Sorry had to do it. Seriously tho, I don't think many game publisher will invest into this machine... They better make it "hack-proof" (as if) since the Far-East is notorious for bootlegs...

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    Although not quite China, Playstation is everywhere in Hong Kong.

    However it's much cheaper to buy PS3 stuff in Taiwan

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    Oct 2010
    i didn't know ps3 n xbox etc weren't allowed to be sold in china.. that hurts all of us though also as imagine the support if there were say another 50 million ps3 owners in the world.. it will be interesting to see what games come along for this and how it develops though i doubt i'd ever feel sucked in enough to bye one.

    + rep HEYMAN!!

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