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    Casting Call: Who Should Play Who in Resident Evil: Afterlife

    TheBBPS nominates who they want to play who in the coming fourth installment of the popular Resident Evil film franchsie, entitled Resident Evil: Afterlife, as follows:


    Whether or not you like her character, this one's already been confirmed. The sultry Milla Jovovich will be reprising her role as the sexy asskicking genetically engineered supersoldier, Alice.

    Since as of now Alice has been the only confirmed returning character, everyone from here on is either rumored or made up by yours truly.

    Jill Valentine

    Fans of the films may have noticed that Jill Valentine was surprisingly absent from Resident Evil: Extinction. In fact, it was like she never even existed. Apparently, due to scheduling conflicts with the dreadful Eragon film, Sienna had to decline when asked to reprise her role as Jill.

    For Extinction, the writers completely left Jill out of the story to make it possible to bring her back in later films. And since I think it's safe to assume that we won't be seeing more Eragon in the near future, there's a good chance Sienna will be returning in Afterlife.

    Leon S. Kennedy

    Rumors have been circulating for awhile now that Resident Evil 4's main protagonist may be appearing in the fourth Resident Evil film. If Leon does join the cast of Afterlife, this character will be key in the success of the film (at least for fans).

    I think the perfect actor to portray everyone's favorite witty hero is Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, Smallville). His looks, mannerisms, voice, and past films (which tend to have either horror or supernatural themes) make him the perfect actor to play Leon.

    Ada Wong

    If Leon's in this film, then you can expect to see Ada in it as well. Finding an actress that could play Ms. Wong was fairly difficult work, but I think I may have found a very good fit: Kelly Hu.

    Kelly Hu looks a lot like Ada, has some horror film experience (Friday the 13th Part VIII, Dead Space: Downfall), and quite a bit of experience with video games (Afro Samurai, Command & Conquer, Terminator: Salvation).

    Chris Redfield

    When searching for the ideal candidate to play Mr. Redfield, I tried searching for actors that had small heads attached to bizarrely muscular bodies. Apparently, there aren't many people that actually look like that, so when that failed I decided to see who fans thought should play Chris should he appear in the next film.

    One of my favorites was Chris Evans, who looks very similar to Chris, and is actually a really talented actor (remove Fantastic Four from your memory, replace it with Sunshine, and you'll agree). Some honorable mentions include: Jesse Metcalfe (too pretty), Clive Owen (too English), and Charlie Clausen (too obscure).

    Sheva Alomar

    This one was easy: Karen Dyer. Ms. Dyer voiced Sheva Alomar, and after meeting her at the Resident Evil 5 launch party back in March I think she would be perfect for the role.

    Agree? Disagree? Voice your opinion in the comments below!

    Casting Call: Who Should Play Who in Resident Evil: Afterlife

    Casting Call: Who Should Play Who in Resident Evil: Afterlife

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    All of those chicks look like dirty coke whores or something. The dude looks enough like Leon, he may need to grow his hair a bit tho.

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    Well, I don't care who play the girls parts, but they better be hot as they are in the videogames. The last "Jill Valentine" was good although she didn't "speak" too much in the RE2 which I think was totally unfair.

    I mean, she was supposed to be Jill, the sexy S.T.A.R.S. member who kill the nemesis in the RE3 videogame, and she barely speaks in that movie, seriously come on.

    I gotta admit that I'm a huge fan of the Resident Evil series and I like to see that our beloved characters have a stronger roles in the movies to come.
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    I think Jessen (Dean eheh ) would make a perfect Leon... With the propper make-up and clothes he would fit perfectly... And we all know he is a kickass :P

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    Chris Redfield

    When searching for the ideal candidate to play Mr. Redfield, I tried searching for actors that had small heads attached to bizarrely muscular bodies.
    that crack me up!

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    It's a Zombie Movie

    Bruce Campbell as Chris Redfield... no one else. Bruce was killing zombies before Chris was a gleam in some developers eye.

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    Oh no! Not another Resident Evil movie

    I rather play the games. The movies are way too much action based, no jump moments at all. Not scary at all. Part 2 was actually a bad comedy. I wish they had sticked to its original concept: Mansion > Stars > the "what the heck is going on around here".... you know; survival horror

    Dawn Of The Dead remake could have been named Resident Evil, since it's a way better movie then those 3 RE movies and fits the title very well!

    They're giving Resident Evil a bad name in my opinion with those movies, and Capcom seems to follow the movies' concept (look at RE5)


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