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    thx for the info, nice to hear.

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    Probably a disc read problem, so reburning it at a slow speed with good media is probably advisable. I played past the second world tour event with the SM 3.3, so it is not a backup issue.

    You might want to check if your disc is dirty, just on the off-chance that it is. My backup started freezing in races after working perfectly, which puzzled me; then I took the disc out and noticed there was a grease smear from some oil on the back. Cleaned it right up and it worked fine again.

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    Thanks for the help on my second burned copy I got it to work. I burned both at 1x speed but for some reason the first copy locked up a bunch. Sure luv this forum and all the help on it.

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    Anyone have a problem to just load the backup game?!? I'm not able to load it and i have a copy from an original. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SMOG
    Anyone have a problem to just load the backup game?!? I'm not able to load it and i have a copy from an original. Thanks!
    Best recommendation is to just try and rerecord it. Use the best quality media you can and the best (usually slowest) recording speed.

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    No loading issues with sm 3.6 and v12, but game will freeze during a race within 30 minutes of playing. First burnt using cheap media so tried again with good media and it seemed to run better. Havent been able to fully test it yet. Will also test it out on a v7.

    No "long" load times either. Game is a good improvement over 3, I like all the air time.

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    Burnout 4: Revenge (USA/NTSC)

    Works flawlessly on V5 with Swap Magic (SM) 2.0 DVD.

    Burn Speed: 4x

    P.S. I cannot burn slower than 4x even though its mentioned on the disc "1-4x". DVD Decrypter and Nero say Supported Speeds is only 4x. Is it meant to list all speeds?

    This is what is written on DVD Decrypter:

    Pre-recorded Information:
    Manufacturer ID: VDSPMSAB 01

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    How do you play a single event? Like i want to play road rage but I dont want to play the "story" events.

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    burnout works much better with sm 2.0 if you rebuild it.

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    Hello gigabyte. Thanks for your information. Burnout 4: Revenge works perfectly on the V5 console I have here without rebuilding. Obviously, if you have a weak laser or any other reason, then feel free to rebuild.

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