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    ionbladez I edited your one post and removed the second... please respect our clearly defined Site Rules and NEVER post any e-mails on the Forums here.
    No spam, links to adult content nor warez are allowed here, doing so will result in your account being terminated! Additionally, no e-mail addresses are allowed in the Forums... please add your e-mail to your Profile and refer others there instead.
    I am ultra-strict on this too (it's a pet peeve of mine), so consider this your one "friendly" warning... Thanks!

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    Cool Oops

    Ah, sorry about that. I think I was warned once before but didn't really pay attention.

    Won't happen again.

    Just gonna say that everything is UP and operational.
    Everything is ready for action!

    I've finished the order tracker and all that stuff - So if anyone would like to test us out, go on ahead!

    I've got my ads in the newspaper around my area too, lol.

    Gonna be awesome.

    Also, now my order form includes the prices next to the media types!

    I've included thumbdrives of various sizes and would like to start doing Blu-Ray and other media types.

    Soon people will be able to order much more, so please check back a lot to see updates!

    IF anyone has been waiting for it; it's done.

    10 links? Nah - 25 Now.

    People, you can now post up to 25 URLs to download.
    I thought 10 was such a low number.

    I've added the order counter and completion counter on the front page as well.

    Soon I will be adding some other stuff, but will not affect the ordering system.
    I think it's perfect how it is now.

    So guys go ahead and take a peek.

    Let me know.

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    Hi again.

    I have completed a quick template for the site - and have sent it via email.

    Let me know if you want me to post the screenshot to this thread. But i'll wait till you let me know first. :-)

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    Apr 2009
    Ya man that looks awesome!

    I was thinking about using framesets, but this is good enough.
    As long as I can full edit what I need in there, we're both golden!

    I'll include your name at the bottom as well, I liked how to used all my includes on the site itself.

    If you can zip it up + send it - I'll go ahead and upload it.
    The changes may be shown instantly though and I definitely will add some more gfx to it. But sure man this looks pretty straight-forward.

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    Currently I have done just that first screen - but it was simple and quick to do (ten minutes i think i told you).. i would apply a similiar layout to the other pages for you. unless it was just the cover page you wanted updated?

    I created the whole thing with UltraEdit, but its plain text so you can use Notepad to edit.

    Let me know if you want the other pages done, or just the first main page?

    Stephen (aka Gtxboyracer)

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    Apr 2009
    Well, just the cover page man.
    I am always tweaking the sub pages so don't worry about those, lol.
    And I have MS Visual Web Dev 2008 - I just hate it.

    As long as it works in IE man, it's good.

    When you can, zip it up and email it.
    I'll quick-edit, and upload.

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    Done, and Email sent! i can say that it renders in IE 7, Opera 10, Google Chrome and FireFox 3.5.3 running on Windows XP.. Every one renders it perfectly. Let me know when you make it live.

    Either you or me will have to definitely do something with that Comments box - its trying to fit alot of text in a smallish box hanging to the right.. very difficult to read :-S

    Any who, web development is normally an on-going project - and i don't mind helping out.

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    Apr 2009
    It's in fact - uploaded already.
    I did about 100 additions and only 9 changes I think.
    Other than that it does look pretty great.

    Like I said I was going to resort to frames, but that wouldn't help my css much - lol.

    Thanks again for the template man, I have your name at the bottom too.

    I wasn't hoping anyone would offer since I wanted it done myself - but I guess not using IE for years really takes it out of you.

    I edited the text in some of the cells as well, to make it fit on one line.

    I will fix the comments box too, but I kept it small so people would think it's "cute".

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    Hey - i noticed you changed the image for the menu items - do you think that one looks better?

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    Apr 2009
    Lol. Actually yes - My original one looked a little more "flashy".

    I wanted the background colors to be transparent, but I may fix that some other day.

    Other than that I'm happy with what I have right now, thanks again man.


    Well, I am officially 100% happy with my layout and do not intend on modifying it for quite a while now.

    So if more people would like to order, know that I won't be changing anything!

    Especially since I added more countries, You may now also order up to 25 links.
    The comments page was fixed, and it was a little choppy. But everything is working now and I'd like to get started for real.

    So orders from Australia? You got it!
    Go for it guys - I'll be buying more CDs soon, lol.

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