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    Blu-ray Single Back-up 'Managed Copy' to be Mandatory in 2010

    Those who are looking to legally back-up their Blu-ray discs will soon be able to do so, without having to resort to SlySoft AnyDVD of course.

    To quote: It was announced today that beginning next year, consumers will be given the ability to make one copy of any Blu-ray disc they buy, a move being forced on studios and content holders by the Advanced Access Content System License Administrator, who went up to the studio owners and said "Come to me, son of Jor-El! Kneel before AACSLA!"

    Known as "managed copy," this requirement has been in the works for the Blu-ray format for quite awhile, but was just recently finalized. The order that managed copy be mandatory on Blu-ray discs means that virtually all BDs released after Q1 2010 will offer customers the ability to make a single full-resolution backup copy.

    Don't start getting your pirated eBay accounts set up just yet though. Current-gen Blu-ray players don't have the ability to play managed copies, and ones that can aren't expected to hit the market until Q2 2010 at the earliest.

    Additionally, content owners will be very much in control of the backup copies, and can elect to charge for the copy made and even offer or sell additional copies.

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    hrmm if there is the ability to change PS3 drives...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balkanboy View Post
    hrmm if there is the ability to change PS3 drives...
    I hope so.

    And I Think i will be backing them up with SAK or AnyDvd Because once i Buy its mine to do with it what i please i dislike like DRM or anytype of copy protection for that matter i like keeping everything on hard drives to stream and make it movie only(no menus or commercial and previews)

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    Here we go again with the forever changing bluray format.

    That means another batch of outdated players and its the cost of the customers.

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    It'll probably be a firmware update. That's why they all have update capabilities.

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    hope this helps in creating a ps3 hack or maybe till then we will have one.

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