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    Thumbs Up Arctic Silver Company Feedback

    Just wanted to let the readers here in on a situation I had with a tube of Arctic Silver products. I must have received a old stock when I reordered my supply for PS3 repairs, the thermal compound came out dry and lumpy. I proceeded to just send out a Email to them to see if there was a way to trace the lot numbers so no one else would end up with bad paste.

    I have to say they went out of their way to make the customer happy. Today out of the blue there was a knock at my door and it was the UPS guy with a package. I know i didn't have anything i was expecting. Then there it was a box from Arctic Silver, that contained 6 tubes of AS5 and 2 sets of the thermal paste remover and Thermal surface purifier.

    These guys are great in my opinion, a great product and willing to stand behind their products. I would say if anyone needed thermal compound Arctic Silver is the one to get. Ok enough of my rant, it just put me in a great mood and i wanted to share it.

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    I almost thought this was spam until I saw the poster... nice to hear TheShroomster and I have moved it to our general discussion section since it's not really PS3 news.

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    Wasn't sure where to put it, so thanks for the move I was just shocked that there are company's that still value the customers.

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    A little late, but thanks for sharing this. I've been using AS for years, and it's good to hear stories like this to make you like the company behind the product.


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