March 30, 2007 - Nintendo Japan has announced its Virtual Console lineup for April, and there seems to be enough material to restart classic system wars. PC Engine fans can look forward to more Bonk, his late-life sidekick, Zonk, and Bloody Wolf. Sega fans can look forward to Rent a Hero. Nintendo fans? How do Punch Out, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fight and Star Fox 64 sound?

Here's what the April lineup looks like in its entirety.

Punch Out (Nintendo, 500 points)
Elevator Action (Taito, 500)
Ninja Ryuukenden (aka Ninja Gaiden, Tecmo, 500)
Meikyuu Kumikyoku (aka Milon's Secret Castle, Hudson, 500)
Gradius 2 (Konami, 500)

Hercules no Eikou III (Pione, 800)
Final Fight (Capcom, 800)
Kirby Bowl (Nintendo, 800)

Star Fox 64 (Nintendo, 1000)

Rent A Hero (Sega, 600)
Puyo Puyo Tsu (Sega, 600)
Pulseman (Sega, 600)
Bahamut Senki (Sega, 600)

Final Soldier (Hudson, 600)
Narazumono Sentou Butai Bloody Wolf (G-Mode, 600)
PC Genjin 2 (aka Bonk's Revenge, Hudson, 600)
Kaizou Choujin Shubibiman 2 (aka Shockman, Hudson, 600)
Benki Gaiden (Sunsoft, 600)
PC Denjin (aka Air Zonk, Hudson, 600)

That's a whole lot of gaming in just one month. We'll close as always by offering the futile hope that most of these titles will make a quick trip to territories outside of Japan.

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