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    Apple Prices iPad from $499, Critics Label it Simply a Giant iPod

    Apple has unveiled the new iPad today, and priced it from $499 for an entry level model while a 64GB version will set you back $699.

    However, many critics are already labeling it as simply a 'giant iPod' in initial media reports.

    Below are the included features and an outline from Yahoo (linked above) of anticipated features that failed to materialize for Apple's iPad:

    iPad Included Features:

    - Safari
    - Mail
    - Photos
    - Video
    - YouTube
    - iPod
    - iTunes
    - App Store
    - iBooks
    - Maps
    - Notes
    - Calendar
    - Contacts
    - Home Screen
    - Spotlight Search

    iPad Failed Features:

    - No 3G support for Verizon
    - No jaw-droppingly new user interface
    - No built-in camera
    - No Flash support
    - No user-replaceable battery
    - No TV subscriptions
    - No iPhone software 4.0 announcement
    - No iPhone for Verizon

    Is anyone here planning to pick up an iPad? Feel free to share your comments below!

    Apple Prices iPad from $499, Critics Label it Simply a Giant iPod

    Apple Prices iPad from $499, Critics Label it Simply a Giant iPod

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    so... what is it?

    its pretty my a king-size ipod, someone please correct me if i'm wrong.

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    The one reason why I don't buy Apple products is because of the no user replaceable battery in the other apple products. It does look like a jumbo Ipod touch. I don't own a Ipod even my MP3 player is my PSP

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    It looks like it IS a jumbo ipod, but that is not really a bad thing. The ipod/iphone has been a huge hit, why not try to make it an e-reader, better web computer, or a superior netbook type device?

    I have an ipod touch and a mac laptop, so I would not buy one of these, but it may be great for some people. I'm more disappointed that Apple is still wedded to AT&T in the U.S. and not Verizon compatible, as well as the fact that iPod and iPad have NO Adobe Flash support.

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    Verizon iPhone...

    Internal documents reveal the official launch date is July 2nd. It will be CDMA with LTE (long term evolution) forward compatibility as well as featuring a removable battery... So you may want to save some cash from your tax returns folks.

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    lol, I've just watched the 1h30 keynote from Steve Jobs.. this is crazy.. I thought, ok, if it's less than 100$, then yes, otherwise, not worth it... but damn, it's so expensive..

    It's not really a big ipod touch, more like a no-keyboard-with-touchscreen netbook...
    I think it would be cool to have.. but I'd probably never use it.. if only someone would donate it to me...

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    all the hype for apples tablets pc and all we get is a oversized iphone. Well looks like this device will not revolutionize the e-book industry. I think i will stick with a laptop for now.

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    i just found out it uses the iphone os, this would have been cool if it had osx. id rather have a jail broken ipod touch. a 64 gb touch is $400, so if you must have an ipad i guess $100 bucks more wont hurt so much.

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    You pictured two differently sized iPads here. How can you distinguish them?

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    Another FAD released by apple..

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