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    Feb 2010
    I sympathise with anyone who has died like this and their family, but some of the gushing commentary on his death, yours included, is a little over the top.

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    natepig I understand. Some people think that we are going over the top. But for me, and many others, he wasn't simply the invented of our favorite devices, rather tha man who inspired us to do things differently.

    I wasn't a big fan of Steve earlier but after watching his Stanford Speech, I was truly amazed by the brilliance that was Steve Jobs.

    I hope you don't mind.

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    Here is what Bill Gates had to say about Jobs death (Just thought I should share it with you).

    I agree, saying someone is a "god" because of his works on technology is a bit too much. But there is no doubt about him being one of the greatest entrepreneurs in this era of time.

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    I was personally not a fan, but all differences aside ... iSteve lifted the brand to heights that forced the industry to think a lil different and the result today are great cellphones. A lot of people will miss him greatly and other not, but nonetheless RIP Steve.

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    He changed a lot of thing in our community. That's why most people will put this WAY over the top, but the things he did are to be respected. R.I.P. Steve.

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    Not at all mate, I watched the Stanford Speech today and found it inspiring as well. I just find it strange that people elevate him to more than just what he was, a great talent in the design of computers, mp3 players, and high end phones. Don't get me wrong though I totally get what this guy was in work and privately as well, he was a first rate guy.

    Do you mean the computing community or the community as a whole?

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    Oh, that's why you people got worked up. It wasn't a reference to HIM as a person being God. Rather, being the God as in creator of all 'i' products. Hope there's no further confusion.

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    Love or begrudge Apple, I give Steve all the credit he deserves. I greatly respect all he had striven for (and got accomplished).

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    Apple tribute logo a Web hit

    Saw this today on Yahoo, pretty cool

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs Resigns - Anyone happy or sad?-applelogocut_220430-jpg

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    genious lives forever

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