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    Senior Member elser1's Avatar
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    it's just gonna clutter everything up.. its great how it is.

    my pappa always said to me if it ain't broke, dont fix it.. LOL

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    If someone want to thank another, then they can "Reply With Quote" and also tell the contributor why it was helpful. This will stimulate conversation and the gratitude will remain in the post for all to see.

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    The "Like" button is basically the vB4 stock version of the vB3 "Thanks" add-on... so we would probably want to stick with what is made for vB4 as less modding makes upgrades easier plus why install an older mod on vB4.

    That said though, from reading through the comments most regulars here seem to prefer it without one... so this may be one of those brainstorm ideas of mine that will not end up materializing after all.

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    good news.. i don't think it would bring benefit to this magnificent forum..

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    I guess the only real "benefit" I was thinking of is that some users would see a bunch of other members names beneath the posts they make to let them know that their posts were being seen and appreciated. As I (and a few others) mentioned before though, I prefer actual replies vs clicking a button but to each his own I suppose.

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    When someone pressed the Thank button it has the same action as Reply With Quote, so then you get both.

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    Well, after some thought despite most people being against it I have decided to give the vBSEO Likes system a try. I guess if it serves no other purpose, it can at least show people that those unable to +Rep them multiple times in a given 24 hour period that their post is still appreciated.

    If it ends up causing issues in the next week or two we can remove the Likes system of course... like most changes, time will tell I suppose!

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    I'm glad you've decided you give it a shot boss . Hopefully everything will turn out fine.

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    Thanks.. the reason we went for it really was because it wasn't too time-consuming to implement. While I do agree with some of the comments that it adds to the Forum clutter, it also does bring a little warmth when I see my own posts being virtually "Liked" by others which is always a good thing and hopefully once people start using it they will agree!


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