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    lol value 6 hours of gameplay really sucks they can do more then that... if they want... but i guess they can milk us more on mw3, online play sucks eventually after 2- 3 months when people cant be bothered playing you will be stuck with hosts frm the US and lag the heck out of you if your not from the US, overall i'm glad i didnt purchase this... but have beaten it in one day... sigh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post
    You are reading me too fast, semitope, What I meant is cod:mw2 FOR ME at least has more value than uncharted(which I own too) because multiplayer and all the modes are longer plus a nice single player.

    Value wise it can be compared because I was not talking about graphics which uncharted clearly beats every other game, except MGS4, out there.

    Another thing is both of you can find value somewhere else where I won't and vice versa, so please don't start a fight over this.
    Oh, fight over talking, lol?? Aparently that must be something you are accustom too, lol... Nnnaahh, not my intent at all. I appreciate everyone opinion. As you are entitle to it. Besides, I like the MGS4 comment, lol. That one I would agree with anyday of the week

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    Wow, I'm really surprised it broke "The Dark Knight"'s record.

    Then again. the game is awesome lol.

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    omg... I am still impressed that they maked so much money in just five days... I dont wanna hear later what they make in a year

    Anyway... MW3 is gonna be even worse...*gulp*

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