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    Poll 8GB DDR3 vs GDDR5

    I was thinking about the difference between the two memory types, and how other people on the internet claimed GDDR5 has higher latency but more bandwidth and weather or not they will make a difference.

    We know this generation will use a shared memory space for both GPU and CPU, so does opting to use GDDR5 (which has been the choice for high end PC GPUs) have any negative impact on the CPU side?

    Using DDR3 with lower memory bandwidth could limit how fast you can feed the GPU, such as with the XBOX One.

    These are just my opinions, so feel free to offer more insight.

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    I personally think GDDR5 is better. Only because it is faster. Although it does slow the CPU down a bit, I think its better.

    Now, the deal with the Xbox One vs. the PlayStation 4.

    Xbox One has 8GB of DDR3. Meaning the PS4 has better RAM type. BUT, Xbox One has the advantage to a non-slowed processor since it has DDR3.

    I think GDDR5 is better off and more of a next-gen spec (for a console especially)

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