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    3d Movies And Tv

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    I was very dissapointed with the 3d in my local theatre, but it seemed much better on a 50" tv. Do you think that the medium is destined to fail outside of movie theatres or is it just getting of to a slow start?

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    I am glad you brought this up. The last 3D movie I watched was Thor. Now I am all for advancements in the technological industry, but I am dissapointed with the level of 3D movies overall. If you want to screen a 3D movie, the screen should literally be so huge that it goes past your perpheral vision. This means that almost the whole theater will be a screen. Only then will you really have that effect of being alive in the movie. Hope you understand what I mean.

    As for 3D TV's - I have never seen a 3D movie on a TV but I can just imagine that I will be dissapointed for the same reason as above.

    Here is hoping it is merely a slow start like most new things ...

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    I'm guessing that the effect is easier to produce good results with a smaller screen. I looked at some sports that were on display in costco, on a 50" and it looked cool. When I went to see Tron in my local theatre the 3d effect was minimal and at times seemed non existent. I like most people I have spoke to have no interest at all in getting 3d for my home, despite the massive drop in price.

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    I had been to a gaming championship last week. Their sponsor was LG so obviously they had been fitted out with their latest 'Cinema 3D' TVs. After watching a short clip in those 55" LED 3D TVs, I now want to buy one. Why? Because, first of all, no friggin batteries in the glasses.

    Second, amazing clarity. I mean, it was an experience compared to no other. Not even Real D 3D could match these screens. As soon as I get some cash, I'm getting me one.

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    What gaming championship were you at?

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    I've never seen a modern 3D movie on TV either, just the ones from years ago with the blue and red glasses.

    I think it's more likely a fad myself though.

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    i haven't seen a 3d movie for 20 years also. i think the last one i saw was nightmare on elm st 4 or something.. i'd like a 3d tv myself, for kz3 etc.. but i agree with boss, i feel its more a fad as well.. every movie out atm is 3d..LOL

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    Nate, a local one in Dubai.

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    I saw Transformers 3 at the movies a while ago in 3D. Wasn't worth the money imo.

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    For sure the effect looks much better on tv's


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