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    Registered User ldlol3's Avatar
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    31 character filenames & Nero 6

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    I've made images of SNES-station and PGEN with 31 character filenames which work great, however, CDGen won't make DVDs, and Sony's DVD Generator truncates filenames to 8+3. I'm just trying to burn an MP3 player and want to be able to recognize the filenames.


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    Nevermind, it works fine, directories are 8.3 and files are 31, my mistake.

    However, IML2ISO won't work. If I open the IML it complains about no system.cnf (I have one), and if I open the IMS, it comes up with volume ID 'UUUUUUU' (I entered SLUS-random numbers), and exits with no ISO.

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    Nero 6 DVD-R...

    In the CD to DVD tutorial it says to pick UDF and ISO Level 1, with 8+3 filenames.

    Why can CD-Rs have 31 characters and DVDs 8+3? Is it really necessary to use 8+3? I'm trying to burn MediaPlayer with a DVD full of MP3s, and I can't tell what MP3s are with 11 characters.

    uLaunchELF supports 31 characters, right? So if I'm using the exploit to boot with LaunchELF, can I load a disc with UDF + ISO Level 1 31 character filenames?

    Also, Does PS2 reality player support VBR MP3? I know PS2MP3SE either mangles the audio or freezes the console entirely...


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