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    2gig dummy file

    I have the game Sonic Mega Collection Plus when i tried to make a backup with it using hd advance it said the game was 4gig i thought that was to large. i chcked it with my computer and saw that there was a dummy file that was 2gig. I remeber seeing in this site a way to take out the dummy file and play the game but i can no longer find it. so how would i remove the dummy file?

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    you have to delete that particular dummy file and then create a 0 byte file using wordpad or something and save it to wherever you had just deleted the dummy file. You then have to name the new file the same as the first, for example if the dummy file was named DUMMY.DAT you would then name the new file DUMMY.TXT assuming that you had created the file in wordpad. That should do it for ya.

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    i think the new dummy (0 byte) needs to have the same extension as well there is a easy to follow tutorial for noobs on this on another site ( i dont know if i am allowed to post the link here - can anyone tell me?)
    but basically you extract the files to your p.c with isobuster delete the dummy file create a new one with exactly the same name and extension ,as deman says a txt file will do and rebuild the image with cdgen ps2-
    it is possible to shrink sonic collection down to 1.6gb using this way .
    you can also take out language files that you do not use in some games for example this will drop jak 2 from over 4gb to just over 1

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    yep what they said. Be sure its in all CAPS.

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    Forgive me to bring back old thread, but I got quite a problem here, I've got a game with dummy00.bin - dummy06.bin with 512MB size each, how do I know which one is the game ? Since the other files combined only gives me roughly 3MB which is impossible for a PS2 game so one of the dummy.bin file must be the game right ?

    PS: I use isobuster.

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    This thread is going off-topic as this is for hdd, mc exploit chat, this should be in the DVD-RIP forum as you are talking about rebuliding a game. Thread will be closed.

Closed Thread

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