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    Apr 2005

    Poll $150k found in garden, give it back or spend it on what?

    Today a man found $150k in his garden... would anyone here give it back, and if not what would you spend it on?,4075841.story

    Personally, I'd give it back as I wouldn't want to be involved if the money was part of a robbery, etc but if it was unclaimed and the cops said I could keep it then I'd probably invest it in something... seems everyone is buying gold these days but perhaps something a little more secure like bonds.


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    Jan 2011
    I'd keep it and get stocks and bonds! I'd be set for life

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    Oct 2010
    i'd keep it n blow it all on hookers n drugs.. hell yeah!! n ps3 games too..

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    Its too late to buy into gold now, that was back in 06/07, bonds are pretty much almost no gain nowadays and with only 150k I just store it as a second retirement fund.

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    Dec 2010
    I'd probable give it in to the police. I don't want any trouble.

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    I would invite a bunch of friends, have a huge party and get drunk. Then I would buy a Prius for me and my wife, Xbox, Wii, another top of the range Nokia phone, a row boat, cling film and duct tape ... coz you know how you can spend money on sh!t when you're drunk

    PS: I love how a crab fisherman said after a very good season - He said "I spent my money on women and booze and the rest I wasted"

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    Wonderful hobby gardening. Creates all sorts of self sufficiency and lucky to find money.

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    Dec 2010
    Yeah , I'm going to go garden (IRL), hopefully i'm going to find some cash this time.

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