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    [+1 QP] What Do You Enjoy Doing When Offline?

    This is a simple hobby/interest thread I figure I'd start so members can get to know each other a bit better... those who post a detailed reply will get +1 count to your QUALiTY POSTS (QP) requirement.

    Here is mine, an example of a +1 detailed (thought out) reply:

    When I am offline I enjoy observing (and occasionally helping) wildlife... believe it or not I spend probably close to an hour a day watching what most people take for granted: small birds, ducks, chipmunks, squirrels, deer, raccoons, opossums, skunks, foxes, wild turkeys, geese, rabbits, and others in their natural habitat outdoors.

    I also enjoy watching the AnimalPlanet, History Channel (MonsterQuest, Gangland before they took it off), and the Food Network, especially shows with Rachael Ray, Emeril, and Alton Brown... not too much into those fierce Iron Chef competitions, but anything on BBQing/grilling works for me too. Occasionally I will watch the Travel Channel, but not much else except for the local news... I can't stand reality-based shows, but do like classic sitcoms and of course The Sopranos.

    I like relaxing to soft rock, 80's (big hair = YUM! ), and country music- YEE HAW! I also rarely play PS3... mine is on 1.10 Firmware still.

    Here is an example of a non-detailed reply (which will NOT count/be removed):

    When I am offline I enjoy watching TV. I like movies too.

    Why replies like that don't count:

    They don't tell us anything, and are too generic. Everyone likes those things, but we are seeking to know what kind of TV shows, what type of movies, favorite actors, details and specifics about your offline hobbies and interests, sports, places you enjoy going, etc... at least a few sentences worth!

    Replies should start out with the following: When I am offline I enjoy...

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    Offline I enjoy playing sports, doing martial arts, and just being outdoors.

    I love to play music, I normally play guitar or drums and sometimes piano, I think music is very important..

    I try to keep myself busy and am trying to find a job to get some extra scratch and yeah..

    That's about me.

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    Apr 2005
    When I'm offline I like to review my list of all the women I meet online and then try and figure out where they live by detailed items they might have in a photo. Then its on to the stakeout in front of there house where I sit patiently waiting to catch a glimpse of them as they are leaving their house. Once they leave their house I reflect back to my many thousand hours watching CSI as to not leave any evidence behind and again start the waiting process of them returning home so that I may feed everyone this bull crap.

    Had you guys didn't I. However, I do love a good mystery movie or a horror flick. I think Nightmare on Elm Street is one of my fav's or the first Hellraiser. During spring I coach Little leage baseball and stay very busy during that time. The rest of the time is spent on the computer or working out. One project I'm doing is refurbshing a 1981 original Donkey Kong Arcade Coctail Table to get it to play picked it up for $100 bucks and me and my electronics father are working on the main boards right now. I also spend many countless hours with my wife and kids especially my son who is in Boy Scouts.

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    I would try to respond to what I like doing when I'm offline, however there is a problem with that.... I am always online. But in the rare instance that I'm offline, like when I sleep, I dream about being online.

    But seriously, I am big into inventing. I have a book of designs, that I test out in my free time. I am test-benching a design right now that will allow free and renewable energy generators to be placed in a homeowner's backyard, allowing them to power their entire home solely off the generator. Unless you use more than 16,800 watts (which I don't). The cost of the generator is about 5-6k, so it pays itself off shortly, unlike a wind turbine that costs more and will only generate 1 kw. I also enjoy reading organic chemistry, molecular biology, and genetics books. My plan in life is working to stop the aging process. If anyone wants to contribute to my projects ($) send me a private message. :P

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    Smile mm

    when I'm offline i skate, go through town looking at tree's and sunsets a beautiful site when your eyes are 15/20 so everything is blurred like a photo, i also enjoy listening to music, techno, trance, hands up, jump, happy hardcore, hardcore all the way to every genre of metal to waaay up to grind core, i love seeing everything as it is, life is beautiful you just got to learn to appreciate. even at night when all that's left is city lights.

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    Well, when I am offline I usually like to sit down with a nice warm cup of tea and relax to some nice classical music and maybe even read a good book. Yes, believe it or not I sound like an old fart but it is what soothes my burning soul after a hard day at the university.

    Sometimes I even sit down and write my own music to express myself. I play the guitar, play the piano and compose lyrics and poems.
    I call all of my work, 'The pathways to the human mind.'

    I also love hanging out with my friends and just having a blast all day long, all the while making a fool of ourselves in the process!

    There you go,
    My life outside of the line!

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    I my self enjoy hanging out with my friends. We normally watch tv (Myth busters or some other show on the channels owned by Discovery). I will some times go into the woods near my house. But I haven't done that since they started tearing them down.

    I take walks, normally just a few miles but still. Play my PS3, but I haven't got a certain game I play on it. Listen to talk Radio, (To avoid being flamed I will not mention who, since talking politics on the internet is pointless).

    One of the big things I do, (mostly at work though) is listen to music. I like a few christian songs, Like "Hope for every man" by Casting Crowns. I also listen to Dragon Force and Avenged Sevenfold. although I haven't listened to Dragon Force for awhile. I like Dane cooks comedy routine's, and that's about all I do when I'm not on the internet.

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    Apr 2005
    When i am offline i enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, king island and other amusment parks.

    And when i'm inside i like my dish channels, history, documentory, scifi, discovery, tlc, animal planet, ntgeo, g4, id, and science channels.

    i always like to watch "two and a half men", "that 70's show", "scare tactics", "scrubs", lots of others...

    i mostly play xbox360 because of the ease of backup and game play list.

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    Jun 2008
    Offline for me would include: spending time with my girlfriend; taking trips down to the local boardwalk and walking around all the shops they have there; checking out the movie theaters and hoping there's something good playing; doing little house projects that need doing;

    and spending time with my 1yr old son. he's just started to walk (kinda) and it's fun to hold him by his hands, see him baby talking, and taking those shaky steps forward as I pull him along

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    I work out, mountain bike, teach kickboxing and referee kids league football. I work as a VIP bodyguard in Las Vegas, and I'm pretty tired of it. I need a change. I'm not sure what mediation and conflict resolution qualifies me for.

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