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    when i am offline

    i enjoy playing on my playstation 3 and eating all the food in my house,.. just kidding but i do like food. There are only certain things in this world i like to do.I like to have fun. I like to do sports like basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, dodge ball, but i hate soccer i have stupid feet.

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    Nov 2012
    WHen I'm offline. I do martial arts, lift weights, tennis, guitar. I work at Jerry's sub and pizza and love it cause of the people there. Stress free and ez job

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    Offline for me would be work out, snowboarding, eat, chill with friends, eat and eat some more

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    I like food, fast cars, studying, and chillin.

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    Oct 2010
    eat pray love lol smoke drink and eat and ps3.

    thats me, oh and torrents

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    Nov 2012
    On the rare occasions I am offline, I like to spend time with my wife, walking round the local park birdwatching or if at night, star gazing, alas the UK is a bit of a crappy weather country, so I don't get much time to do that.

    I'm currently spending a lot of my spare time looking for work as I was recently made redundant, so doing a few NVQ's to try to better my job prospects at the moment, I also enjoy listening to 80-90's Rock and watching a hell of a lot of films, I'm an avid reader and as I suffer from insomnia, I get through about 3-4 books a week. I do like my food, but it doesn't like me, so spend a lot of time on the crapper with a hand held device playing games!

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    Playing sports... reading... taking my dog everywhere

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    Nov 2010
    Not much was done only sports, entertainment, help service computer, ps3, ps2, and to travel in Indonesia is very hot and rainy.

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    Work mainly, I'm a Mainframe Systems Programmer's and that keeps me very busy. My free time is spent with my friends, my daghter and PS3... oh, but I do enjoy visiting Coursera, a site that offers free courses on-line!

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    Feb 2013
    messing about on retro computers (C64, ZX Spectrum, Commodore Amiga) emulated of course on my modchipped xbox one. Why is it that my PS3 attacks my Xbox? soon as the PS3 is on the network, it causes my Xbox to crash! So the PS3 isnt hooked up anymore. XBMC beats the pants off Showtime!!!

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