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    Contributor Teo's Avatar
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    I play PS2 games and meet with friends. Or I like watching tv. Sometimes i go watch my mother to the shop and help her to drag items to home.

    ohhh.. i forgot :/ i Play football and volleyball

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    When im offline i enjoy skateboarding because i have been skater for quite sometime wouldn't trade that sport with any other sport out there. I also snowboard because it gets cold down here and you can't skateboard all year round. I also started to jwakeboard for fun to because i live by a sweet lake now, but i will never give up my skateboarding!!

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    Well... I do sports most of the time. Everything from tennis, basketball, volleyball, to soccer, tabletennis and so on. Ive been playing Tennis vor about 15 years now, was hoping I might go pro, but then Uni got in the way. Also ive been in international tournaments such as Marocco and Scotland, with my Volleyball and Basketball Team... Good Times! We shall see how that turns out

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    I play music with my band , and im doing internship for a half year. On internship i am building websites with php, java and mysql.

    Furthermore I love yellow envelopes from www.dealextreme.com

    I also like motorcycles, meeting friends, going out and have a good talk

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    Thumbs Up Party!

    If i'm offline, It usually means that i'm at work! if im not at work i am partying somewhere in town with my mates and if i'm not partying, i am with my girlfriend!

    And thats me.

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    ... I usually read as job-requiring literature (new laws, court cases, etc. - I have two higher educations - degree in law and economics) and japanese-learning literature. It's very interesting for me, as I look forward to travel to that country someday.

    If it's holiday, I go out with my friends and talk about life and girls, job and so-on....

    I like to play Wii/PSP/PS3 before going to bed - this really helps me to relax after the hard day spent at the work.

    Off-topic: great thing that +1QP things! It's very interesting and lively! Keep going!

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    When im offline... i like playing badminton, soccer if not rain. Go to Mall, traveling and when i get tired, get some rest. I also doing my job to help family to clean the house, etc. When the house is cleaned, i sometimes spend the time to play a games either pc or console...

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    When I'm offline I enjoy playing with my ps3.. especially the pro evolution soccer games (2008 an 2009).. But only if I have a friend or someone to play against and he has to be good because if my challenger is not good enough it becomes boring.. The rest of my time I spend on playing football outdoor and indoor football (futsal).. I like both games.. there is a big difference between the games.. futsal is more technical and very fast.. normal football is much more tactics and physic.. I also work out at a fitnesscentre but lately I don't go to much because I don't have to much time after work or school.

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    When I am offline. I like to watch movies, the genre that I like most comedy movies are the kind of American soil also see series like house. We also see several documentary land on channels like Discovery Channel and the History Channel (the subject that I like most are the wars and especially the battles of planes), almost all the names that I put in online games I've taken from documentary history or something that I read about these wars.

    I am also very keen to travel to other countries such as Japan, China, Mexico, USA, better take me where the work but actually I got more for a hobby. Whenever I travel to USA bought several games because it was there where they buy the console and thus saving money to be cheaper there. The worst thing about this is that when I travel to USA'm there for several weeks and I can not get my PS3, the echo of less then not only use it to play well use it to see more videos like that.

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    When I'm offline I like to play Rugby, see some TV and go to the beach.


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