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    Senior Member Bartholomy's Avatar
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    Boss, either 5 mins is ok for edit, pleeeease

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    Probably won't happen, mainly as that is why we have a preview option... so when making a post you can preview as many edits as you like before your final submit. Maybe some members aren't aware of it though... below is a pic.

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    have noticed, probably due to lack of scene action quite a number of game threads i.e, double number / yes no / questions only. how bout some small flashgame with weekly high score. maybe something small like 'hangman' just a thought.

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    One thing we could do similar to that for the new year is readd the vBulletin arcade (ibProArcade: vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=101554 or v3 Arcade: vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=253211) we had a few years back, which offers several flash games... then in the Off Topic forum members could pick a game and do weekly competitions to see who could get the highest score in it.

    Last I recall the vBulletin arcade even offers stats and virtual trophies to the highest score in each, which may come in handy for competitions, etc.

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    Thanks for your reply Boss, the trouble with myself is proof reading my own posts. I find after I have posted I see new mistakes that did not seem to be there before, . But that's just my word blindness. lol

    I do like the idea of flash games, as there are so many cool one's out there, and with a members high score on your profile will make it all more fun..

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    Yeah, flash game ideas is awesome!

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    Maybe users can get an Automatic +Rep when their answer in the "PS3 Help & Support" section has been chosen as the correct answer.

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    I second that, it's been one of my top wishes for the site

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    At some point over the next couple weeks (likely over the holiday) I will go through all of these pages and compile a list in the first post of all the ideas- Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback thus far.

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    Admin, if possible can we edit our own post multiple times?


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