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May 18, 2008 // 2:35 pm - Marcan has released a video showing the banner for the Homebrew Channel.

The entire banner, down to the last byte, was developed using homebrew tools - no leaked Nintendo SDK utilities were employed, not even to reverse engineer them.

Everything was done by staring at many other banners (or rather, at the files that compose them) and reverse engineering the System Menu code that plays them back.

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#2 - Karu Takahashi - June 5, 2008 // 2:04 am
Karu Takahashi's Avatar
I might just get this homebrew channel. Just one question: What does it offer as far as additional functionality goes?

#1 - Frenetic26 - June 4, 2008 // 6:13 pm
Frenetic26's Avatar
yeah I download and installed the homebrew channel beta 7 yesterday and I was really impressed with the banner it looks so professional!

Anyone know if future releases of the homebrew channel will fix the "files" it leaves behind when you un-install it?