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October 6, 2009 // 4:08 pm - Today Wal-Mart has started selling pre-owned video games in many of its US retail locations.

Apparently the chain promises that each pre-owned game is polished, tested and inspected prior to its re-sale.

To quote: "US supermarket giant Wal-Mart has begun selling pre-owned games for the first time.

The ASDA parent has previously installed trade-in kiosks in its stores - a move which has been followed by the likes of Best Buy and the UK's very own GAME.

Now, however, Wal-Mart has also launched a standalone in-store pre-owned section - suggesting its kiosk experiment has been a success.

According to the firm's Web site, each pre-owned game the grocer handles will be 'polished, tested and inspected prior to shipping'."

Wal-Mart Begins Selling Pre-owned Video Games

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#1 - adrianc1982 - October 7, 2009 // 1:07 am
adrianc1982's Avatar
Just wanted to know what do you people think, on the publishers side they claim this is very bad business for them, only the retail store wins. On the other side you get to buy games 5-10$ cheaper (thats what ive seen correct me if im wrong). So heres the question is it really worth it? Because to me retailers come and go but publishers my friends are the people that entertain us.

Buying a used copy, probably semi scratched, and with cases somewhat used is not my idea of investment. I collect my games and they are my precious gems that I can come back and play again or just look at my collection and say man what a great game this is and they are brand new.