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June 8, 2008 // 12:30 pm - Waninkoko has uploaded a fantastic video to YouTube which appears to show him downgrading the Nintendo Wii System Menu.

In the video, the Wii System Menu is downgraded from 3.1E to version 2.1E.

Video below, cool stuff indeed!

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#3 - bakimono - June 13, 2008 // 2:49 pm
bakimono's Avatar
I think that the Wii Freeloader too, was based on this signing. So, I guess that might be a reason to wanting to downgrade.

Or maybe some people don't want to have that silly clock on the wii menu... lol

#2 - jbriggy - June 12, 2008 // 8:04 pm
jbriggy's Avatar
At least one reason I know that people downgrade thier Wii console, is to regain functionality with thier modchip/homebrew applications. For example, the latest Nintendo firmware update (3.2) supposedly disallows games that are Trucha signed.

Trucha signing (best I can explain) is a "fake" signature on discs/applications run on the console, to make the console think that what it is running is legit. If this happens (based on the modchip), burned games may no longer work. Therefore, a firmware downgrade would restore the functionality lost by the console being upgraded.

Hopefully that was clear.

#1 - someone86 - June 9, 2008 // 5:56 pm
someone86's Avatar
What is the advantage of downgrading a Wii? Or is this just for fun?