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December 20, 2008 // 1:21 am - Rejoice Metallica fans, today the new Reveal trailer for Guitar Hero Metallica is available.

It comes courtesy of DomiQuinn95 via YouTube.

The video's caption simply reads:

"Looks friking sweet!"

'Nuff said, eh? Check it out below:


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#5 - Murdox - May 9, 2009 // 7:32 pm
Murdox's Avatar
I've got the gh metallica, and it's just wonderful.

#4 - darkkamui - December 27, 2008 // 7:04 pm
darkkamui's Avatar
it's really incredible, i like it!

#3 - HOEDY - December 26, 2008 // 9:55 am
HOEDY's Avatar
I'll be waiting for this one too.

#2 - Freak951 - December 25, 2008 // 2:12 am
Freak951's Avatar
Oh i cant wait for this to come out, im gunna buy it soon as it does! wicked!!!

#1 - idone - December 20, 2008 // 6:29 pm
idone's Avatar
I used to love metallica's old albums.

but once they started suing their fans (blame napster i guess?) i have given up on them. and the album LOAD was just that, a load of....well need i say more.

But on the flipside "the black album, and..and justice for all" will forever live on and still get some play in my home to this day.
Just be carefull if you pop them in ur pc and WMP asks if you want to rip it to hard disc,...JUST SAY NO!! cause they may find you