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March 29, 2009 // 11:24 am - Today Waninkoko announced news and a video (below) of a USB iSO Loader v1.0 for the Nintendo Wii console.

Shortly following, it was apparently leaked at

Those interested can grab it below, however, be aware is it possible to brick your Wii resulting from it's misuse.

Download: USB iSO Loader v1.0 for Wii / USB iSO Loader v1.0 for Wii [Mirror]

The video's caption simply reads: New Wii Application Announcement by Waninkoko and kwiirk.

It seems he only waited for the cIOS-USB_2.0 release to accomplish the job.

It works on the new FW 4.0 but i dont know if it will be the original or the patched one.But im guess it will be the patched one.Also the games first have to be installed onto the usb-hdd (usb-pan?).You could do this with the USB Loader itself.

The Vid shows the loader, a few games booting and running and the installation of a game. Im pretty sure this will be the long awaited software holy grail for some Wii hb users.

USB iSO Loader v1.0 for Nintendo Wii is Now Available

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#17 - cfwprophet - March 30, 2009 // 3:54 am
cfwprophet's Avatar
No forget it.Users like you have to wait till some one could figuer out how it works.SRY

#16 - libralion - March 30, 2009 // 3:42 am
libralion's Avatar
I am just a little confused here. If I get the hacked firmware 4.0 and the USB Loader installed, should that work?

#15 - cfwprophet - March 30, 2009 // 1:38 am
cfwprophet's Avatar
THX Boss

You guys tryed out all cIOS_usb2's what will be available?
So there should be 3 cIOS's for USB2.0 on the net.The first release, than the second release and a cIOS for USB2.0 with the new WIIND v2.

So i will do some testing but i dono have a usb hdd only a 8gb usb pen.
But it could also possible that only the name of the IOS must be changed.So first cIOS-usb installed as IOS 202, the second one also but the cIOS-usb from WIIND installed as a different IOS (IOS222) and will be the cIOSv7 + cIOS-usb2.0.

Before you can use usb 2.0 you have to install the "modded" version of the usb 2.0 cios (CIos Rev 7 + usb 2.0) dont worry it would overwrite something it installs in ios 222

Or he just changed the installation nr. of the cIOS-USB2.0 e.g. he changed to 207.

And again thx boss for the clarification.I say finally waninkoko will be rest in peace.I understood why this woulb be happen.So i for my CFW dono want to have credits becouse i only have compiled it put the whole work would be done from others.Also if i haved more time to learn i would learn to code and accomplish the job with the USB loader.But as Marcan explained it hase not really to do with coding, its mor compiling and a litle bit debugging.

So every one who would give credits to me for this would be automaticly banned from my site but Waninkoko him self seems to be like a child for me.So first he dono want to support the leaked backup louncher.Than as some other will appear the could do the same he decide to programm again becouse he want to be the Wii Coding King but i dont have read for only one time that he hase clarified from wich site the most work have to be don from.

E.g. with the new cIOS-USB2.0.I for my self have wonderd why this so great called hacker Waninkoko would be not able to write this USB2.0 support?So if i haved more coding abbilitys i would have done this months ago.And as the maker of the new cIOS-USB2.0 explainet it was more compiling of existing code than writing a new one.Also the new USB Loader will only be possible truth the new cIOS-USB2.0.

There for i mean ALL credits for this app (USB Loader) should be earned to the maker of the cIOS-USB2.0.But Waninkoko himself let his seen in the scene as a god and the most common user dono understand from wich site the whole work would be done and than to dis the reall Wii hackers like marcan as noobs thei only to can copy code or the work of the "so called" great Wii hacker Waninkoko.


As Boss mentioned the USB Loader or the release of the vid have something to do with Waninkoko and Kwiirk.The last one will be the coder / releaser of the new WIIND v2.That tool includes the 3th cIOS-USB2.0 installer what will be a modded version of "cIOSv7 + cIOS USB2".If a cIOS with USB will be needed than this one becouse we need the cDIP module to boot backups.This custom DIP module is implemented into the cIOS.So for games from USB we will need both cIOS's (cIOSv7 + cIOS USB2) to be loaded and this cant work if im not wrong.So IOS can be reloaded but im not sure if 2 IOS's could be used for one programm.But anyway the same job can be done with a modded cIOSv7 (v8) with added cIOS USB2 code / modules.

If the programm work with ISO's (like the name mention) than the offset must be the same like on the disc and with the cDIP module the app could read the correct sectores from the img.

We should try this one from the WIINDv2 release.
And about the cDIP module: I have downloaded the source weeks ago and if i interpret this right than it have something to do with the correct sectores to read from a disc to be able to boot it.

#14 - PS4 News - March 30, 2009 // 12:38 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Yea, from what I have read now it will not run without a custom IOS that is not included.

#13 - Alucard - March 30, 2009 // 12:35 am
Alucard's Avatar
well it seams that this is not working yet, i keep getting a "could not initialize USB storage subsystem! (ret = -6)" this was with 5 different usb pen drives and 4 usb hdd 2 power from usb and 3 external power, and i was reading something about a WBS file system maybe this is what this error is about. I think we have to wait for a official release with a tutorial and all the files and tools to make it work.

#12 - PS4 News - March 29, 2009 // 11:37 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
I'm not into Wii stuff at all, but maybe this is what you need.. if anyone knows for sure, feel free to reply below.

#11 - nafeasonto - March 29, 2009 // 10:24 pm
nafeasonto's Avatar
I tried running this and it says custom IOS is missing, i am assuming that is the USB 2.0 file, but how do i install it it just says "running fat.." and just sits There.

#10 - patholi - March 29, 2009 // 8:17 pm
patholi's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by IHM View Post
How do you install this using the homebrew channel?, i just updated to Custom FW 4.0E.

Well, I think, you have to rename the file to boot.dol and put it in the folder /apps/usbloader/ (in your SD Card)...
After this, you should be able to start the app using the homebrew channel...

That's how I would do it

#9 - PS4 News - March 29, 2009 // 7:11 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by phaerun View Post
No at his blog he claims he got hacked at gbatemp and that he is not cancelling the project.

He just posted that now... at the time of my post it wasn't there though. Although it seems inaccessible atm, here is his post:

Waninkoko now claims he did not make that post and that his account at GBATemp was hacked.

Apparently Marcan is now being blamed as the bad guy, and his clone loader video and response is here:

#8 - IHM - March 29, 2009 // 7:05 pm
IHM's Avatar
How do you install this using the homebrew channel?, i just updated to Custom FW 4.0E.