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April 9, 2009 // 11:30 am - Universal Unbrick Disc is now on v2 and will work with Firmware 4.0. Additionally, you will not need a modchip, cIOS-CORE or Rescue Menu hacks to be installed.

It will also work with the Original Rescue Menu and you only need a modded Original GC Controller and the cIOS249 installed. Thats all.

I changed the game partition to run with IOS249 and its set to autoboot... so as long you have the cIOS249 installed and its a cIOS with cDIP module it will work.

Download: Universal Unbrick Disc v2

Then I updated the ticket and tmd to be named as UUD but I had to change the game partition, the iSO itself and the crypted name of the game too to be fully displayed as "Universal Unbrick Disc"

And be sure you use an ORIGINAL GC Controller because we can't manage to boot into rescue menu with a 3rd-Party GC Controller.

How to Use:

• Extract and burn the image
• Turn on Wii and insert disc to auto boot WAD Manager

Universal Unbrick Disc v2 is Now Available for Nintendo Wii

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#598 - compaqstud - March 30, 2010 // 5:24 am
compaqstud's Avatar
ok so i have tried all the discs you have and when i put them in i get "an error has occurred please remove disc and power off wii and read the user manual.... As for the bootmii here's what i got. What should i do

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#597 - cfwprophet - March 30, 2010 // 12:10 am
cfwprophet's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by compaqstud View Post
i have tried tiger woods , punch out, and resident evil 4... If it helps i have the original super smash brother brawl, and 3.2u on the wii but when i put the disc in it doesnt ask to update just goes straight to the game is this because of starfall?

Yes this is the autoboot option.You need to put in a game without autoboot then the screen turns black and the Wii will install the Update.
But this isnt possible from your status now.Have you tested my disks?
and i dont have a complete set of bootmii files but i do have my nand and keys so could you send me the rest of the files required for bootmii in my folder there is only three files.

They are only three files

Try to change the settings.ini within the bootmii folder and set the autoboot to on.

#596 - compaqstud - March 28, 2010 // 9:59 pm
compaqstud's Avatar
i have tried tiger woods , punch out, and resident evil 4... If it helps i have the original super smash brother brawl, and 3.2u on the wii but when i put the disc in it doesnt ask to update just goes straight to the game is this because of starfall?

and i dont have a complete set of bootmii files but i do have my nand and keys so could you send me the rest of the files required for bootmii in my folder there is only three files.

If I am putting in an original game like, super smash borthers brawl, mario kart, or mario party i dont get asked to update it just plays....and from my research super smash bros brawl is 4.0 so this is confusing me no matter which way i get to recovery starfall or GC method it doesnt update just straight to the game???? and when i push the right gc pad to get starfall menu i get nothing... I think this is a low level but its not makin sense i can still get recovery and so far plays every game i put in once in the game wiimote works fine.. i'm totally confused

Ok so I taked to my buddy who owns the wii he said he installed a matrix theme thats was said to be for 3.2u he said it loaded and then restarted black screen so i dont understand why i am having so many problems fixing this. He installed hackmii first with bootmii he said he did boot2 but did not have the bootmii folder on his sd??, then he installed starfall. then he was playing it for a while and then tried to load this theme and got blackscreened so what route should i take to fix this? Like i said before i tried to use ssbb to do the update but i believe strafall is skipping the update procedure? how do i get it to update?

#595 - cfwprophet - March 28, 2010 // 7:34 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
It's normal to have the bootmii files on sd even if you have installed bootmii as IOS. Starfall is good and will do his job.

Normal Game Disks have the original Nintendo signing and Homebrewed Disks are signed with the common-key.There for you need a custom system IOS with trucha bug ability to be able to boot such disks.

Wich HB disks you have used?

Make sure that the game disk you use have the update on it.Most disks in tha wild have this removed.

EDIT: Sry i forgot.Look for a settings.ini within the bootmii folder and check if the autoboot option will be set to off.If this is the case change it to on and hit save.Put it back into the Wii and try if it now work.

#594 - compaqstud - March 28, 2010 // 4:20 pm
compaqstud's Avatar
Ok I'll try to be as descriptive as possible. If i forget anything please just ask cause this is frustrating the hell out of me. Ok so my buddy brought me his wii he has 3.2U on it he had tried to install a theme and it full bricked. He has bootmii installed boot2 from what he says and i have his sd with bootmii and nand dump and key file.

I start up the wii black screen thats all, now he has starfall so if i hit Y durring boot it gives me 3.2u at the bottom i tried all the unbrick discs and keep getting an error has occured please remove disc and power off wii and read users manual, but if i put in a burnt disc like resident evil 4 it boots to the game. I have tried holding reset until he told me that he forgot to install priiloader.... he got no modchip it was softmod only.

I tried burning at 2x, and 4x with no luck any reccomendations? Do i need to use the GC pad technique is it different from the starfall method??? and i dont understand why bootmii wont load he said he did boot2 unless hes wrong and did IOS but then he wouldnt have the bootmii files right?

ok so i think its just a system menu crash.. something weird i got a raw image of tiger woods 2010 from what i heard its got like 4.0 or 4.1fw but when i load it theres no update or option to update... How can i reinstall the sysmenu? which software? i tried wad manager and it won't load from the disc...

#593 - cfwprophet - March 25, 2010 // 7:28 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
To all guys with Korean wii's:

This Wii's have a diff Common-key then all others.So they use the Korean common-key and if you try to boot a disk signed with the normal common-key and not with the Korean one it will not work.Becouse common-key is placed in a one time program able chip into the gpu and can not be changed.

To all other plz:

All Hombrewed Disks are signed with the common-key becouse douring moddification the original Nintendo signing is gone.If you dont have installed a CUSTOM SYSTEM IOS with the Trucha Bug in it YOU CANT BOOT HOMBREWED DISKS.


Becouse the signing verification is done by the System IOS.

And no modchip out in the marked are able to patch this becouse we dont know the original Nintendo Keys !!!

#592 - renevdkooi - March 21, 2010 // 3:26 am
renevdkooi's Avatar
Ok I need some help, I have posted here a few times already about my problem. Same as everyone, korean wii, upgraded to 4.2, 003 error, etc.
Bought drivekey, set autoboot etc. treid many discs but don't work.

Now here is my thing: I have a copied version (which I bought at a market here in Thailand) of Sports and an original version of Zelda (usa) these 2 discs when going through the GC recovery spin and then start loading, only stay at a black screen.

ANY OTHER DISC will spin and stop. Now I tried all discs I could find, UUDv3, v4, last change, auto region changer etc. No disc boots.

Now after reading something about combination of Drivekey and modified version of Guitar hero 5 I thought I would try something myself and took that Sports disc (already a copy) and made an ISO out of it, then replaced the main.dol with the dol file of wadmanager 4. burned the image and tried. Again, spins and stops. So I thought, is something wrong with my burned discs. Again I made a copy of the (already copied version) of the Sports disc.

So, copy of a copy. and this one will not boot as well.

Can anybody help me in the directions of burning those discs, because I lost it.

I used Nero and imgburn
I tried different burners (1 in laptop and 1 in normal pc)
I tried Sony discs, JVC Discs and no-names (could not find verbatamin) all dvd-r

why does the bought copied version of sports start loading, but my copied doesn't. While, before I bricked my Wii, I "made a copy" haha of a Wii game on one of my noname discs and that worked.

#591 - Xanza1 - March 16, 2010 // 7:41 pm
Xanza1's Avatar
Hi guys i really needed help. I tried everything search high and low for a solution to this bannerbrick. I have a korean region wii with english menu 4.1u. I bannerbricked it when installing a bad wad. Before that I had preloader accidentally uninstalled which made using preloader now not an option.

I bought a wasabi dx chip and an original gc controller to fix this bannerbrick problem. I am able to boot my wii into recovery mode showing 4.1u at the bottom right side. I am unsure if I should set my modchip mode to USA or KOR as it is a korean wii with english menu. Also I tried UUDv2 and various other autoboot discs which hasn't gave me an results.

Help is appreciated thanks guys.

#590 - m2o2r2g2 - March 14, 2010 // 7:36 am
m2o2r2g2's Avatar
Having trouble downloading UUDv4. Each time winRAR refuses to find the second part. Gives unexpected end of file and associated CRC error.

Have tried downloading it several times. Is it possible to get a link to a single part RAR?


#589 - dasjones - March 14, 2010 // 12:55 am
dasjones's Avatar
Hi, i currently got 3 wii's with me right now il'l explain the case, maybe someone could help.

1 wii is european 4.1E sys menu it turns on (drive and leds normal) and show opera help screen (mac address missing, etc...)
1 wii is korean, just bought, came with a wii original wii sports resort, wich was used to update the console (making it usa), then later my friend (the user of the console) went online and updated the console to 4.2 (and 003 comes on)
1 wii is usa, 3.1U sys menu, black screen upon turning on, sometimes able to enter RM, (randomness).

1 know the usa one was previously modded with a chip, no softmod, the european one i belive might have some type of softmod, but i'm not sure (i'm assuming not), i know the korean one was virging.

I got a wasabi DX solderless one...

Was able to load some usa games on the european console (assuming the chip is already on autoboot, as the games aren't modified to), but none of the recovery discs worked so far, the upgrade disc for the wasabi would make the screen past the RM but won't boot, the uu discs stop spinning.

Any thoughts where i could go from here will be much appreciate, i also got lots of media to test stuff in case anyone wishes to suggest anything.