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April 9, 2009 // 11:30 am - Universal Unbrick Disc is now on v2 and will work with Firmware 4.0. Additionally, you will not need a modchip, cIOS-CORE or Rescue Menu hacks to be installed.

It will also work with the Original Rescue Menu and you only need a modded Original GC Controller and the cIOS249 installed. Thats all.

I changed the game partition to run with IOS249 and its set to autoboot... so as long you have the cIOS249 installed and its a cIOS with cDIP module it will work.

Download: Universal Unbrick Disc v2

Then I updated the ticket and tmd to be named as UUD but I had to change the game partition, the iSO itself and the crypted name of the game too to be fully displayed as "Universal Unbrick Disc"

And be sure you use an ORIGINAL GC Controller because we can't manage to boot into rescue menu with a 3rd-Party GC Controller.

How to Use:

• Extract and burn the image
• Turn on Wii and insert disc to auto boot WAD Manager

Universal Unbrick Disc v2 is Now Available for Nintendo Wii

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#8 - badermq - April 11, 2009 // 8:25 am
badermq's Avatar
Sorry cfwprophet but im not joking
i'll try your LCUD and let you know.

but you know .. maybe Alucard right .. cuz i can't connect sync my wiimote.

and when i was searching for the bluetooth module here :

i found this info from the same page

- Brand new genuine Nintendo parts
- Replaces fried/broken bluetooth wireless module in Wii video game consoles
- Fixes "black screen of death" upon power on (commonly caused by bluetooth not initializing)

thanks Alucard for this information , it dos make sense now.. but i have to try it 1st.
But what if i use the module from other working wii to check ? is it ok ?
i don't want to order it and spending money and im not sure.

Thanks Guys

#7 - cfwprophet - April 11, 2009 // 4:36 am
cfwprophet's Avatar
What you talking have no sense and i belive you are joking with us.

First if you install cIOSv7 and get a sysmenu downgrade than i would badly hit the uploader of this file.

Second if the disc not boot you, one time, have no IOS36 on your sys or you dont have a cIOS installed. (or Alucards reason)

Than i have included cIOSv9.WAD into the download not the DOL.Its a WAD my frind.

At last you CREATED a cIOSv9 with a DowngradePack?Man to creat a wad your self you will need the WAAD Maker Tool or you have to do it buy your owen and there for you must decrypt and read tmd, calculate SHA1 and so on.What was in in this downgrader pack?

If i will be a litle bit hard, its 7:00am in my country i dont have sleeped one hour and will be to grouchy.

And thx Alucard for the info.I also have a store and moddet a lot of wii's but never have such a problem.

And hey badermq try what Alucard have mentioned to you.He knows the problem and im pretty sure it will work for you

#6 - Alucard - April 11, 2009 // 3:18 am
Alucard's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by badermq View Post

I have 2 wiis without wiimote , Both showing black screen but green led power and drive spinning .

your problem is most likely the bluethooth module, i had a few wiis on my shop with the same problem (they come all the time with the same problem), i just change the module and they boot up fine!!! you can see this module by taking the front plate of the wii is on the left side from the sd port but in order to change it you need to take the wii apart until you reach the mobo, the module it's a clip on so you don't nee any soldering experience . . . hope this help good luck

#5 - badermq - April 11, 2009 // 1:22 am
badermq's Avatar
Thanks for your info , now i understand ..

but you have to remember one thing about my case , i can't use the wiimote only the GC controller .
But when it comes about installing wad files it's ok i can use wad installer 2.1 , cuz it's auto installer no need to use wiimote.

NOW to make it clear :

so you want me to install cios249 ?
i did install cIOS249-v7 waninkokoFULL-nw7.wad , and after i reboot
it show me systemmenu 3.2(USA) ( before it was 3.1(USA) ) !!
i did try to boot UUD but still same problem.

then i try to install cIOSv9 , but the problem it's dol file, i only can run wad.
unless there is cIOSv9 auto run dol (remember i can't use the wiimote)

Thanks for your support cfwprophet

i manage to create ciosv9.wad using DowngradePack , then i install it

but still nothing new , im getting

#4 - cfwprophet - April 10, 2009 // 9:48 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
Than you will need the common-key in the same directory as the program will be. Without common-key we cant open, resign game iso's or to use any other altered data on the Wii.

#3 - redlight34 - April 10, 2009 // 8:34 pm
redlight34's Avatar
does anyone know how to patch the game madworld? I tried using the Wii Scrubber. But is is say cant open the Key Bin?

Thanks for any help that you can give me.


#2 - cfwprophet - April 10, 2009 // 3:57 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
It can not work becouse you have not the cIOS249 installed.The game partition and the WAD Manager need to load IOS249.Ok WAD Manager can run with IOS36 too.But if you dont have installed a custom IOS you can not install system files with it.

You will need a moddifyed UUD wich the game partition can boot a IOS present on your Wii.

Its not a problem to do this.But i dono want to change the v2 becouse now its compatible to every Wii.You only need the cIOS249 installed.In your special case the disc will not be compatiebel to every Wii.
But if some one like you run into a brick without modchip and softmod than this new disc, i will make for you, will be the only chance to unbrick a original Wii with the help of a modchip.

I will set the "Last Chance Unbrick Disc" to boot IOS36 becouse all program that runs via HBC and can not load a cIOS will run of this IOS.So if the IOS36 is present on your Wii the disc will start, boot and load the WAD Manager.Than i first recommand to you to install cIOSv9 wich i will provide in the release.After that restart Wii and boot again Rescue Menu and "Last Chance Unbrick Disc" to load WAD Manager and install the file you need.But im guess you have a sysmenu brick or what brick is it?

Do not install any file without the knowledge what it does!!!!!!!!!

#1 - badermq - April 10, 2009 // 2:41 pm
badermq's Avatar
Thanks for your great work .. BUT for me it didn't work i can't boot your Disc
nether UUD v1 or v2 .

I don't know if you can help me (or any one here) to fix my friends wiis.

I have 2 wiis without wiimote , Both showing black screen but green led power and drive spinning .

I Modify my GC original controller and i manage to get the rescue menu ,

one of them 3.2(USA) and the other 3.1(USA)
both are not modified (no chip or softmod) , So i open it and install my DriveKey with the configuration AUTOBOOT ON , BLOCK IMPORT UPDATE.

i convert 3 games to Autoboot (Madworld,Okami and Wario Shake IT) ,
and test all of them after using the rescue menu trick , but nothing worked,
the chip blue led keep blinking ( i waited till it finish) but nothing fixed after restart the wii.

Your UUD doesn't run , it stopped !!

i did make many Autoboot DVDs with other apps and it worked for me.

i make one Autoboot DVD with HomeBrew Channel Loader ,sens i can't use wiimote this one will working with GC controller (after booting i unplug it from port 4 to port 1).

i run Gecko OS and i connect my USB Gecko to run wad installer 2.1 from my PC (cuz wad installer doesn't require wiimote) . Now i want to know what files i should put on the SD wad folder to fix my wii ?
I did try everything .. Boot2*.wad give me an error ( i guess it was res = 1017) and also systemmenu v257.wad ( res = 1035 )

so please anyone can help ?