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November 29, 2009 // 4:36 am - This weekend Hermes has released uLoader v3.2 for the Nintendo Wii console.

uLoader is based on Kwiirk's YAL and Waninkoko's USBLoader that supports both custom IOS (cIOS222 and cIOS249)
to launch backups from USB mass storage devices with a graphical user interface similar to Wii channels.

Download: uLoader v3.2 / EHCI Alternative Module (with Bulk Reset) / uLoader Special Version (Port 1)

To quote, roughly translated: Version 3.2 with Ocarina and forced Video. Compatible with Rock Band and others using USB peripherals. Supports games on DVD release. Support BCA data, dol alternative and corrects error 002. Added support for channels using forwarder.dol and Loadstructor.

NOTE: Run first cios_installer.dol (3.0 required). Now you can select the IOS used to install.


• Support for BCA datas. You can add it from .ISO offset 0x100 (64 bytes). If this area is filled with zeroes it use one BCA by default (NSMB compatible).
New ioctl 0xda function supported in dip_plugin and new option added for DVD mode to read the BCA Datas from the original DVD

• Support to load games from DVD with alternative DOL (press '2' without USB device or press the DVD icon from the upper-right corner
in the selection game screen)

• New dev/mload and EHCI module based in interruptions. New cIOS based in IOS 38 base (I have done test reading 21000+ seconds without errors).
See operational mode below.

• Now you can add your own .mod music from sd:/apps/uloader/music.mod .

• Test Mode support: Press RESET button when you can see the start screen to enter in Test Mode. Press RESET or HOME to exit and to save the internal
log file in the SD (sd:/log_ehc.txt)

• Support for SD and USB FAT/FAT32: Now you can use cheats codes and load alternative .dol from the USB 2.0 device
(FAT partition is required)

• Parental control added: by default the password is 00000 (the last 0 is the 'ENTER', so you can program a new password as XXXX0 ).
You can change it from special menu pressing HOME. You can exits from the password box pressing B. Parental control list the last 8 games launched
with date/time, enables the password box (automatic when you enter in the menu) and fix a new password.
(from 1.8 00000 disbles Parental control)

• 15 games per screen, showing an icon that can be inserted in the device, using the attached wbfs_win.exe revision (see below "Notes about wbfs_win").

• It has a Favorites Screen (up to 16 games) (save __CFG_ in HDD)

• Allows to select the cIOS to use between cIOS 222, cIOS 223 and CIOS 249.

• Screen text in Spanish and English (auto-detect)

• Support for video mode forced, language selection and Ocarina (note: use "Auto" to change PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL games or use "Force PAL 60"
to change NTSC to PAL60 games)

• Support for multiples WBFS partitions (max 4).

• Possibility to use the alternative cIOS 223 (only to launch games)

• Option to add or delete PNG icons/covers from the SD to the game directly (PNG is added in the HDD)
Now you can download Covers from Internet or to adquire covers automatically from the current folder in the SD

• Now you can load games as Red Steel and othrers using one alternative .dol (see ALTERNATIVE DOL NOTES in this document)

• Added direct access for Dol Alternative selection

• Now you can load ehcmodule.elf externally (put it in sd:/apps/uloader/ehcmodule.elf) to use old versions
of the module (see "src/uloader/resources")

• Support rename games added

• Support added to record the selected cheats index when you use cheats from txt files

uLoader v3.2 for Nintendo Wii is Now Available

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#3 - mrgreaper - December 9, 2009 // 2:44 am
mrgreaper's Avatar
my wii has been gathering dust for about 3 months but this intrigues me, now i have a hd caddy (usb) and i have a 500gb hd thats simmie spare lol.

i have a mod chip (cant renember what it was (something sun i think) with an external switch (most expensive i could find when i did it lol, i have the home brew channel.. is this faster load times the from disc?

how many gig do the average wii game take up? is it worth me doing?

#2 - kbpbc25 - November 29, 2009 // 4:53 pm
kbpbc25's Avatar
Even though I use uLoader, I still find myself going back to Config USB Loader. It just has a much better background and has never failed me yet.

#1 - ModderFokker - November 29, 2009 // 2:47 pm
ModderFokker's Avatar
Here's an excellent list for USB loaders:

That list will also show you that Uloader isn't the best launcher.

Configurable USB Loader +GUI is best choice as out of 40 requirements or so it only fails on 2 of them.

link -