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November 4, 2009 // 3:08 am - This holiday season most will be trying to replace their DVD players with Blu-ray and their nice plasma flatscreens with HDTVs.

However, the industry already is worrying about the market for UHD – Ultra-High Definition.

Apparently, UHD will debut in the next five to 10 years, but is expected to take a long time before it reaches a "critical mass," deemed to be taking up residence in 5 percent of households globally, according to market research firm In-Stat.

To quote: UHD will come in two resolution levels: 7680 x 4320 pixels (8K) and 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K) and provide four to 16 times the resolution of Blu-ray or 1080p high-def. And "22.2 multichannel three-dimensional sound."

In-Stat's study concluded that high resolution digital cinema would drive consumers to UHDTVs so they could experience the same quality on their home television sets and that broadcasters would start providing content in the lower-resolution UHD by 2017 and the high-resolution technology by 2022. The market in Europe is expected to hit 5 percent penetration by 2021 and then zip up to more than 28 percent by 2025.

Ultra HDTV Requirements:

• Ultra HDTV requires 300Mb/second transmissions using a compressed image at 24 FPS, while 60 FPS will require a new compression system to meet with realistic household fiber-optic connections.
• In addition, Ultra HDTV displays will require new electrode materials to power the 4x high-speed pixel requirements.
• Processing power is also a major requirement with Ultra HDTV. Current technology is unable to effectively process the Ultra HDTV signal. At 60 FPS, this signal requires processing power at 2400 GOPS.

Globally, the "mass market" for UHD is expected in 2023 or 2024, when about 10 percent of consumers will have the sets at home.

UHD: Ultra-High Definition TV to Feature 7680 x 4320 Pixels

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#12 - mihaiolimpiu - November 5, 2009 // 7:53 am
mihaiolimpiu's Avatar
Yeah... 22.2... I live in a pretty big apartment and my room is 10sqm ... even 5.1 is overkill for me... Probably by then we will be living in luxury villas on the Moon and Mars... And these tv screens will replace the sky above bombarding us with ads about the PS 7 and the Xbox 2160.

#11 - jon5555 - November 5, 2009 // 7:48 am
jon5555's Avatar
And "22.2 multichannel three-dimensional sound."

Haha that sounds awesome but at the same time totally useless. I find 6.1 enough and there's noway I could fit 2 subs and 22 speakers in my house. That's just crazy.

#10 - Chivafighter - November 4, 2009 // 11:03 pm
Chivafighter's Avatar
Yea, when i read this, i had to post it up, i really think we might have more options of TV than UHD. Holograms maybe? but this is to show you how crazy are technology is haha

#9 - PSPSwampy - November 4, 2009 // 10:56 pm
PSPSwampy's Avatar
By the time this comes round a terabyte will seem like we view megabytes now - so storage is unlikely to be an issue.

I'd love to see TV 'wallpaper', which would likely be a possiblity by then too - imagine that - want a bigger screen? just bung up an extra sheet.
(OLED leading the way on that particular idea ATM)

Mmmm the possibilities...

Oh and to the "They can't make it more realistic" poster: i think you'll find that that was the general consensus when Colour TV came out, not to mention the... "WTF, how do they do that?" when B&W/Greenscreens first came out.

If you want it they will make it (to paraphrase a well known, crappy film)

The future's bright, well it would be if we don't all die because the planet can't cope anymore...


#8 - seed101 - November 4, 2009 // 10:25 pm
seed101's Avatar
lol ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION!!! you can see the little pores of a human body's! WOW!

#7 - snowisawesome00 - November 4, 2009 // 6:57 pm
snowisawesome00's Avatar
they also need to worry about storage, how the heck are they gonna store that much data, it's prolly in the terabyte range.

#6 - ZBlacktt - November 4, 2009 // 6:57 pm
ZBlacktt's Avatar
The size and picture wasn't the real issue here, lol. Remember when Plasma's first hit the market? The 70" was like $10,000 and you'd be like WTH? A TV for 10 grand? I hope with the new TV's to come they are priced reasonably, lol. I mean, we all want the best picture. But for 10 grand, I'd better make a living sitting in front of it getting my monies worth every day. Oh and I want a lifetime warranty with it too.

#5 - mihaiolimpiu - November 4, 2009 // 4:04 pm
mihaiolimpiu's Avatar
I agree with the last posters point of view a really huge screen could find a use for UHD .. but do you reallly need a video wall in your house?!? come to think of it .. I really need a video wall!

#4 - y2kkingboy - November 4, 2009 // 2:59 pm
y2kkingboy's Avatar
To really see the difference in that humongous resolution you have to have a very big TV, i dont know how big but it has to be cinema big. come to think of it this is why it's called RED digital cinema.

so i guess consumers wont need it.. unless someone who wants a cinema in his house.

#3 - idone - November 4, 2009 // 1:21 pm
idone's Avatar
^^ I know a lot of people with plasma screens that can only do 720p.

But my take on this is umm.. yea start production I will buy one about a year after they are released (if i can even wait that long).

As long as when they are released their is actual UHD content to play on them.

This just goes to show you that even though your eyes may be getting worse the picture can still get a bit clearer for you.