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October 23, 2007 // 1:43 am - New multiplayer tidbits, demo info, movies, screens and dinos.

Oh, do we have dinosaur news for you. The folks behind Turok -- a fresh start for the FPS franchise that's scheduled to ship in February -- stopped into the IGN offices the other day to show some new beasts and weapons, but that was just the beginning of their goody bag.

The biggest announcement for you, crazed-Turok fan: a demo is coming.

Yes, if you plunk down $5 at your local GameStop in the early part of November, you'll preorder the game, get a Turok T-shirt and walk away with a 30-minute Xbox 360 demo of the upcoming title. Have you already preordered it? Your store should be holding your demo and shirt. No GameStop around? You can grab the demo at Best Buy in December.

Although the final game will feature three difficulty levels, the demo will be locked on normal and take place during the first quarter of the game -- although it won't reveal the game's opening. If you can't wait to see what's on the disc, check out IGN's hands-on report Monday, October 29.

But don't think you have to wait a full week for big news; during our meeting, Josh Holmes, vice president and general manager of Propaganda Games, gave us the first solid details about the game's multiplayer mode during his visit. Sure, we've known the mode would support up to 16 players for a while, but now, Holmes is giving up the goods. Multiplayer will be online only and rock ten maps -- seven for competitive play (deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, assault capture the flag and war games, an objective-based battle) and three for co-op, a mode that won't just be a rehash of the single-player campaign but rather levels specifically designed for the up to four-players.

Besides infusing us with demo and multiplayer information during the visit, Holmes gave us a walkthrough of the game's progress. While the sweeping, living jungle remained, vicious quiet kills and traditional bow and arrow remained, this time we got to see two new creatures that will be making Turok's mission all the more difficult.

Lurkers are some kind of horrible cross between dinos and jungle cats. Our introduction to the savages came as one scaled a tree like a suped-up squirrel, spotted some of the Whiskey Company crew and swooped in to feast on Turok's ripe flesh. Their mouths smeared with blood, the Lurkers presented a unique challenge to the team -- rather then stay and brawl like many dinos in the game, these gray and white monsters tend to attack, run and hide before coming back for seconds and don't get as easily distracted by your flares like the other behemoths do.

Don't get us wrong, Turok and his boys crushed the dinosaurs with head-splitting knife attacks and a hailstorm of bullets, but the hellcats gave the squad a run for their money -- even though the team's AI was way more responsive than we've seen in past builds; as Turok made moves on the ogres, his computer-controlled teammates moved up to help out as well as keep the other beasts at bay.

As the demo progressed, Turok entered an area filled with butane vents -- which he could ignite via his flamethrower and use to incinerate nearby enemies -- and horrible arachnid scorpions the team simply calls "the Bugs." These large, hideous insects snipped at Turok with massive claws and struck with their tails. Although they were threatening as a dozen or so surrounded the game's namesake, the tenacity of the villains wasn't what made them standout. The best part of these creepy-crawlies was the explosion of green goop when Turok made one go boom.

The another piece of Turok eye candy Touchstone and Propaganda dangled before us during their visit was the chain gun. Sure, Turok can carry it and lay waste to the competition with the spinning furry you'd expect from the traditionally badass gun, but Turok's version of the eviscerater has a secondary fire option that allows it to be set up as a turret. As Whisky Company took a guard station, Turok set up the chain gun, laid out a makeshift minefield and watched as bad guys stormed down the ramp to be blown apart by explosives and bullets.

Have fun dreaming of that -- especially after you check out all of the brand new videos we just posted -- and be sure to check back here in one week to get the lowdown on the demo.

Video can be seen at the link at the top!

Turok Blowout

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