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September 29, 2008 // 1:08 am - The Golden age of video games saw its height in the 16 bit era where SNES and The Genesis were in a console war over who had the best games. SNES came out on top which we discuss in numerous articles on Old-Wizard, and stood as the most creative moment in the video game mediums small history. Where has the Golden age gone?

It has gone to games that lack everything great about those old NES and SNES games. In this list, we will go through the reasons why the games of the modern era lack the power of the older generation. We could only hope that modern game makers realize the creative insurgence of the 16 bit era and try to recapture it for the next generation.

10. No good instruction manuals

This may seem like a petty reason not to like modern games, but it meant a lot to us retro video gamers who wanted to experience the game beyond the screen. New instruction manuals to modern games offer no story lines like the old games that made us prepared for battle before we even entered the game. We would rip open the shrink wrap before we got home with the game and immerse ourselves in the creative storylines.

New games don't have this in their instruction manuals. Look at the old Mario instruction manuals. You had pictures of all the bad guys and even little descriptions of their powers and where they were from. A world was created for us before we even played the game. We sorely miss this in modern video game instruction manuals.

9. Lame Fans

The fans of the modern video game lack the passion of the retro gamer. They get games, play them for a couple weeks, then move on to the next game that's either faster, or has more of a chance to play Law and Order detective. Its all about what's most "cutting edge" for these fans of modern games. You give them better graphics, they will buy it, you say there is more guns to choose from, they will get it and move on from their past game.

This shows a lack of quality in modern games that can be left so easily for the next game in a sequel or a game with more "edge". This won't be found in the retro gamer who cherished the games he bought and played over and over.

8. Lack of good story lines

This one is obvious. We could name off the obvious games like the Final Fantasy's and even the simplicity (but still interesting) of Super Metroid as examples of great story lines compared to what is considered to the modern day storyline in video games that involve modern detective work or overtly childish outlooks in fantasy like Fable.

The transcendence and superseding of modern reality is just not there in the modern story line which follow much of the argument of the rest of this article. The great storylines of the past video games escaped our everyday concerns, probably out of a want for wanting to escape the boredom that envelopes modern culture.

7. Characters lack depth

We don't get much information on modern video game characters rather than them being from the streets or having some raw toughness that you will never be able to have since you spend to much time watching it rather than being it. This history of the modern video character is limited to a few sentences and a characterization of who they currently are. There is rarely character progression so seeing any development in who your playing as is non-existent.

Didn't this make certain games great though? Didn't coming to know your partners in Illusion of Gaia for example make that game even more interesting? Falling into their story lines made up recognize deeper part about ourselves not expressed in other popular forms of media. This is hard to find in the modern video game.

6. Focused on being too realistic (not as much imagination)

Modern video games are too focused on being realistic. The age of the 3D game has become too concerned with making the video game an expression of the first person point of view. The whole point of a video game though is to get away from reality as it currently exists and enter into other modes of being, like 2nd, and 3rd person points of view when playing the game.

Along with this goes the popular topics in video games that mimic our worst instincts of modern pop culture, like our love for unadulterated violence and hedonistic images. These modern impulses aren't who we are just because they seem to come across as expression in its purest form. Let's remember that there was a MASSIVE history before late 20th century expressionism.

5. Loss of simplicity

Look at some of the greatest games of all time. Mario, Pac Man, Q*bert, Metroid. Pac Man and Q*bert didn't even leave one screen but yet you could play them for hours on end. Mario and Metroid followed a simple side scrolling model but touched the gamer in a way that they would always remember the games like the memories of a loss loved one. This simplicity was not a lack of creativity but an understanding of what strong entertainment was.

With modern games like "True Crime" it becomes a headache trying to act out a cop trying to solve banal modern TV dramas. Even Mario 64, there's too many places in the 3D world for one to move and visit. We want to go ahead, not meander around a blocky 3d world not knowing what to do with no instruction from a townsperson.

4. Too easy

Ever notice how easy modern games are? It's not that the enemies and bosses are easy to beat, but theres just so many damn lives that one has. On top of this, their continues upon continues upon continues, and if there isn't continues there's save points wherever you turn. The gamer no longer has to work for his accomplishments in the modern game. Remember Metroid and Super Metroid? Finding those save points was of the most satisfying experiences for the gamer.

You would get your energy replenished and know you were safe for that one moment before going back out to the nefarious Zebes. This sense of suspense the game created made for the gamer in yearning to find a save spot is lost in what seems like infinite ways not to die in a video game like any modern game like Twilight Princess (a great game by the way) for example. Give us something to work for.

3. Too much of a focus on graphic technology

Starting with the Nintendo 64, graphics gained a privileged status over everything else that makes a quality a game. Remember the graphics for Contra? Remember the graphics duck hunt? Remember how obviously pixilated they were? Also remember how amazing these games were? The graphic technology in games now try to mimic movie trailers and humanity in its current form to such a degree that you can't even tell the difference anymore between reality and the game.

Why the drive to try to mimic exactly what we currently are? This has embodied graphic technology since the 64 bit era. How much can we emulate our perception of reality? There is not only a problem in this motivation itself, buts taken away from all other aspects of what makes a game great.

2. Too many sequels

Notice how every modern game has to have a sequel? How many Grand Theft Autos are there? How man Metal Gear Solids are out there? All these spy/crime "thrillers" are loaded to the brim with sequels that never come close to the originals.

Sure, the old games like Mega Man and Double Dragon had sequels, but do you remember how great the sequels were? Do you remember how great Mega Man 2 and Double Dragon 2 were? Modern games don't have this success. They just try to make things more violent and more appealing to lustful instincts.

1. To much violence at the sake of substance

The most popular of modern day video games is the Grand Theft Auto series. This game gets talked about like it's the only video game that ever existed. Seriously, what's the big deal about throwing someone out of their car to steal it compared to riding a dragon across the world in search of a mana seed? The small "adventures" on GTA are fleeting and always end up in some modern gang violence. You can see this in any lousy cop movie or TV series.

Why do I want to play it out? I'm playing video games to try to escape reality, not watch the same boring old cop show. Where is the substance on mimicking modernity's insistence for it's tepid interest in violence. NARC follows the same the suite and shows that marketing has much more of a say in modern games than rigorous creativity.

Top 10 Problems with Modern Video Games!

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#15 - Eskobar - September 30, 2008 // 8:08 am
Eskobar's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post
Im not only saying ps3 exclusives, masterpieces include gta4 too, sometimes you need to find your genre but theres are so many GREAT games worth playing. Besides neither you or I chose which is the masterpiece.

"GTA 4" isn't a masterpiece in my opinion, it could be way better. I don't trust any hype reviews (look at IGN and so on..). If we, the gamers, aren't the ones who choose if a game is a masterpiece, who else? Game journalists, who give a game 10 out 10 points because the game company behind it paid him to do so? Game journalists, whose opinions are more worth than ours because they get paid for playing games? I don't think so! It's the right of the community to choose masterpieces, and not only of some magazines which always start a award show every year and declare which game won which award, hell nah!

#14 - adrianc1982 - September 30, 2008 // 7:06 am
adrianc1982's Avatar
I guess this board is plagged with nostalgia, but who am I to try to make everyone think like me. Sure old games were very good, I hope you guys get homebrew on the ps3 soon so you can go back to those great games you love.

Still I think Im the winner enjoying myself with the ps3 games hehehe

#13 - Starlight - September 30, 2008 // 4:42 am
Starlight's Avatar
You bet PS3 News our generation is where video gaming began as my first video game console was atari pong whiched played long enough on your tv screwed up the screen for good..hehe..then atari 2600 and so on, sonic the hedgehog was on of my fav. when i had a game gear.

Also had sega genesis and had the sega channel which was great as new games came out every month and quite a few of them i remember and they had this adapter that plugged right in the game slot and a tv cable hooked to it and the games downloaded right to this adapter which has memory on was great.

Now a days there are a few good games but not as fun as the oldies were..

#12 - imec - September 30, 2008 // 2:03 am
imec's Avatar
I completely agree. Newer games have less interesting stories and attempt to be too realistic to be interesting (Sonic can't run through a mushroom forest or crystal palace if he's in the "real" world). I love old adventure games and platformers, especially the ones from the Amiga/DOS era. The graphics were vibrant, the art was good and everything just meshed together. Today's games are too busy trying to be the "next big thing" or ripping off eachothers mechanics/style to be half as innovative as the "old" ones.

I think most of the problem is that producing videogames gets more difficult and expensive each generation, as time goes on only the big dogs (who generally won't take risks or only try what's proven to be profitable) have the resources to produce games. Hopefully these giant corporations will start diversifying their studios as they grow (or else they will probably stagnate).

#11 - adrianc1982 - September 30, 2008 // 12:54 am
adrianc1982's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mmanolos View Post
On the other hand, maybe people complains too much

I have a large backlog of games to catch up, and I'm playing a gem after another in the PS2: the last ones were Bully and Yakuza (the first), and they have most of what this article mention.

Maybe there are so many games, and people don't have a proper focus on what's good.

I agree with you and this is the point Im trying to make, there is a gazillion games out there, old and new and going back to play them for the first time is really good.

For example ps3news are you telling me none of these gazillion games interest you? I really cant believe you, Im also from your generation and believe me games from the past were good but now a days we also have very very good games and a lot of genres to explore. Maybe you need to look for a new genre that fills your needs?

We have a lot of FPS but we also have not on the ps3 (because this article is not only talking about the ps3 but in general) rpgs, puzzle games, action/adveture, sports, simulators, strategy, racing games. Now the thing you have to ask yourself are you a casual gamer or a hardcore, if you are a casual gamer there are games and consoles to people that like games with your interests have you tried Wii Sports? Its really good actually.

Im 26 now, I played all the way from mario brothers up till metal gear solid 4 and games have quality today, not all of them but we really have some great studios. Its like movies we get very good movies each year that win oscars but we also get date movie, and all that yunk. The secret is to watch movies and look for your style in them, same with games look for your genre and stick to it you will be amazed. Also reevaluate my comment on your actual interests maybe youve outgrown us and you are not really interested in this hobby, Im still not married but maybe you have now a wife and fills that need or that interest.

Other thing I forgot to say is that like the movies I have to go to IMDB to get the reviews and score, theres a lot of movies and series and I want to avoid as much shiiit as posible and the only way is to read the reviews and check the score, some times but only some times I dont like the movie or the show which other people gave a high score but its almost never.

With games I have to study actually for a couple of nights and read reviews, pros, cons and what people actually think about the game and not because I cant buy them or they are too expensive. I have to read all those reviews and study the game because I dont have time for all of them so Im only going to play the best games out there, and right now I own only the top10 games for the ps3 which are VERY VERY good, I only pass on those genres that I really find boaring or not appealing to me.

Also try to get as many old games that youve missed out on the pc, check reviews and everything your pc runs thousands of games from previous years and are worth nothing and even if you like you can grab them for free from the usual places

#10 - mmanolos - September 29, 2008 // 11:00 pm
mmanolos's Avatar
On the other hand, maybe people complains too much

I have a large backlog of games to catch up, and I'm playing a gem after another in the PS2: the last ones were Bully and Yakuza (the first), and they have most of what this article mention.

Maybe there are so many games, and people don't have a proper focus on what's good.

#9 - PS4 News - September 29, 2008 // 10:48 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post
I think you have other things to do other than gaming ps3news, i for one can tell you the ps3 has some very awesome games waiting for real gamers. You just need to find time and interest in gaming again.

Most of the (modern) games of today just don't interest me. I tend to like the quest/puzzlesolving type, versus beat/shoot 'em up, sports, etc.

Games like the Zelda series (both old and new, OOT being the best), Monkey Island, and the King's Field series are among my favorites, and of course on PC I like all the older LucasArts/Sierra puzzlesolving games. I also enjoy 2D platform games which are few and far between when everything is 3D "DOOM" style or even more 'realistic' as most PS3 games are these days.

Like the article states, I just feel game developers are focusing too much on the younger age group who require eye candy/bling-ish graphics and pimp-my music to hold their interest... possibly forgetting that my generation was the one who started the whole gaming craze to begin with so why not cater to us as well.

#8 - adrianc1982 - September 29, 2008 // 10:04 pm
adrianc1982's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Eskobar View Post
Bullshit! Only "MGS4" could be described as "masterpiece", but the other games are just fine, no more no less. "Uncharted" is good, no masterpiece, "LittleBigPlanet" will be good but no masterpiece and so will "Killzone 2" do! There is a plenty of good games, but true masterpieces? Nah!

Im not only saying ps3 exclusives, masterpieces include gta4 too, sometimes you need to find your genre but theres are so many GREAT games worth playing. Besides neither you or I chose which is the masterpiece.

#7 - Eskobar - September 29, 2008 // 5:11 pm
Eskobar's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post

For those thinking theres no passion anymore I can tell you we really have some great MASTERPIECES on the ps3.

BS! Only "MGS4" could be described as "masterpiece", but the other games are just fine, no more no less. "Uncharted" is good, no masterpiece, "LittleBigPlanet" will be good but no masterpiece and so will "Killzone 2" do! There is a plenty of good games, but true masterpieces? Nah!

#6 - CyanCaze - September 29, 2008 // 5:08 pm
CyanCaze's Avatar
I would have to agree. I started off with a great little console called NES. I had many Favorite games on the NES such as Super Mario 3 and Demon Head.

One of the few games from this generation I would have to say is Oblivion. Mainly because it has hours and hours of game play. And you don't have to be bad or good, YOU chose.

Metal Gear Solid 4 was a great game, But I felt compared to the other ones, it was short. And MGO Is horrible.

I my self would love to see more games like Oblivion, And GTA is fun for a few hours, BUT! I get bored with it shortly after popping it in.

As for me, I write a few video game story lines in my spare time. Some of which I hope to get pushed through and developed some day. And if I was making them right now their would be more then a few sequels to some of them, They also would have weeks of game play on them.

I hope my self to see some better game in their soon. Assassins creed would be a good example of a good looking game, with bad game play.