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August 17, 2008 // 9:35 pm - A file that takes four minutes to download in South Korea would take nearly an hour and a half to download in the U.S. using the average bandwidth. Japanese users leaves U.S. users behind with an eye-popping 63.60 Mb/s download link.

This means that Japanese can download an entire movie in just two minutes, as opposed to two hours or more here in the U.S. Just in case you are wondering: No, Japanese users do not pay more for their broadband connections. In fact, U.S. broadband cost is among the highest in the world.

Japan dominates international broadband speed with a median download speed of approximately 63 Mb/s, more than enough to stream DVD-quality video with surround audio in real time. Next on the list is South Korea where download speeds achieve an average of 49.50 Mb/s.

Finland and France follow with 21.70 Mb/s and 17.60 Mb/s, respectively. Canada ranked eighth with an average download speed of 7.60 Mb/s. The U.S. came in 15th with 2.35 Mb/s.

Surprise, surprise: U.S. broadband is slow. Really slow.

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#11 - dustinmyles - August 26, 2008 // 4:39 pm
dustinmyles's Avatar
It REEEEAAAALLY frustrates the hell outa' me that we (America) invent ALOT of these fabulous technologies....and then when do little to improve upon them. The Auto industry is another shining example of this point. America introduced not only the Automobile, but with it, the entire process/concept of the ASSEMBLY LINE/MASS PRODUCTION, and now we are out performed by foreign, future-thinking markets!!!!

But alas, I admit that this is the beauty of my complaint: the inherent ability of mankind to evolve and improve upon already existing ideas!!!! (Now if we could just learn to prioritize progress juxtaposed to "personal pride" mankind could advance exponentially!!!)

#10 - UKLeGeND - August 19, 2008 // 11:39 am
UKLeGeND's Avatar
Most I can get at my house [With a 400 year old Oak Tree over my house] is 4mb, but I am on 1mb at the moment, my next door neighbours can get 8mb.

US Lag, it is a fact . . . Lol.

#9 - Takavach - August 19, 2008 // 5:18 am
Takavach's Avatar
i get 256 kb/s. before that, i got 1 mb/s for 500$ a month. iran is hell.

#8 - Kraken - August 19, 2008 // 4:26 am
Kraken's Avatar
I get 10Mbit internet and phone for about ~$40 a month, which isn't bad. Before that, I got 6Mbit for ~55$ a month. These speeds aren't great, but not bad either. The thing that scares me though is that you hear about this metered bandwidth crap that time warner cable is doing and the bittorrrent throttling and bandwidth caps of comcast. You would think we should be entitled to at least as good an internet experience as we had 8 years ago (especially considering how far everything else in the tech sector has advanced), but the ISPs with their monopolies see an opportunity to gouge and they plan to take it, even if it means a loss to everyone else.

#7 - goldenone - August 19, 2008 // 12:17 am
goldenone's Avatar
I have a nice speed for here in the states, but i didnt know they had such faster speeds there... wow. When are we going to catch up with times...?

#6 - Neikos - August 18, 2008 // 10:47 pm
Neikos's Avatar
haha guys i live in Venezuela i have 2mb/512kbps (Down/Up). I pay 443BsF. that's about 200$ USD (1$ USD = 2.15Bsf) Just for internet connection no TV or Phone... it sucks really.

#5 - PSPSwampy - August 18, 2008 // 9:28 pm
PSPSwampy's Avatar
You lot are lucky, we get a maximum of 2mbs here and the cost is outrageous!! (I'm in a specific area in the UK and this is the best service available!).

Some lucky UK residents get up to around 24mbs though (maybe higher now). But the main thing is that it is "UP TO" (which VERY rarely means that is the speed they get!).

Hey i could start an ISP and advertise 'UP TO' 1gbs rates - doesn't mean i have to deliver that! (typical Rip of Britain attitude companies have!).

South Korea have the best rates from what i've heard - because the South Korean government had the insight to put into place a high quality optical phone network. The average user gets around 100mbs from what i've heard!

It's set to get a lot faster though, there are trials running now for super high speed connections of >10,000 times faster via "the Grid" (see for instance or search for The Grid). There's the super fast satellite option too, can't remember where i saw that though.

It's set to get better for everyone - we all just have to be patient

#4 - CaloPS3 - August 18, 2008 // 6:47 pm
CaloPS3's Avatar
Yeah sure i live in dublin and im on a 20mb line, i only pay 40 euro a month as well.

#3 - lawllawl - August 18, 2008 // 4:32 pm
lawllawl's Avatar
UK does not get 1mbs.... I was there on a vacation and I got 18mbs on my lappy.

#2 - ShadowRuna - August 18, 2008 // 4:22 pm
ShadowRuna's Avatar
err.. im in uk an have 20Mbs, u live in a cave or something?

Will be gettin 50Mbs by the end of the year.