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August 28, 2009 // 1:30 pm - The kind people of team D2SUN (linked above) have sent out some samples of the new Nintendo Wii SunDisk Chip for testing.

After testing this chip out I have to say that there is not much more one could even expect out of a drive chip.

Some high points:

•Chip comes retail packaged nicely.
• Quality of the pcb is excellent.
• Chip is large but fit's perfectly under the drive when placed correctly.
• So much more than just a drive chip, having the ability to dump disks directly to the onboard nand, copy .iso from pc to chip and vice versa, and loading them from the chip effectively emulating the drive all together.

It almost seems that the only thing it cannot do is play the game for you

Here is the feature list followed by some pics!

• plug and play,100% solderless
• come with A.I. Boot to auto choose region, support JAP/USA/KOR/EUR all regions perfectly,100% smart and play & play!
• support all old and last wiis
• support D5/D9 games
• support homebrew roms
• support GC games
• support all Wii games with same region
• support partial Wii games with different region
• come with LED indication on board
• support USB update CPLD core and EEPROM firmware, never out day
• come with external switch configure board, can change the SUNDISK setting and not need open your Wii anymore, even not need burn DVD to do it
• the K1 for select run Wii DVD drive or SUNDISK
• the K2 for backup your Wii & GC games to SUNDISK, even not need link to PC, can backup on Wii itself
• the K3 for select SUNKEY enable or disable
• the K4 for select allow game upgrade or not
• the K5 - K8 for select SUNDISK game bank for backup/play
• running noise : ZERO
• lifetime : > 20 years
• running speed: >8X , backup one D5 game just need 15minutes
• built in memory size : from 8GByte ~ 64Gyte
• data transfer : USB 2.0 high speed
• support PC configure and external switch configure
• 8Gbyte version can store one Wii D5 and one GC game, and support D9 too
• 16Gbyte version can store Wii D5 game X3 at the same time
• can use PC configure or external switch configure, choose by yourself
• can use as Wii drive or PC SSD, have dual working mode, choose by yourself
• can use as high-speed READYBOOST(NTFS format) device under the VISTA and WIN7
• compatible with VISTA, and WIN7 64bit system
• support DMS/D2A/D2B/D2C/D2C2/D2E/D3/D3-2(NOTHING) all system!

SunDisk Chip for Nintendo Wii Reviewed!

SunDisk Chip for Nintendo Wii Reviewed!

SunDisk Chip for Nintendo Wii Reviewed!

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#7 - tworok - March 24, 2010 // 12:13 pm
tworok's Avatar
i'm under the impression that this chip can't boot games from the dvd drive with a d3-2 drive, right?

neither it can't dump games from a d3-2 dvd drive into the chips flash memory, does it?

sorry for the major dig up of this thread but i can't seem to find that info anywhere after a google search

#6 - idone - August 31, 2009 // 7:40 pm
idone's Avatar

This install is the easiest there is, you just unplug the drive's flat cable and connect it to the chip, then connect another cable from chip to wii's mobo..

There is no soldering at all, and you can store and play games right on the chip.. it really sets the bar high as far as mod chips for the Wii are concerned!

#5 - setTopbox - August 30, 2009 // 5:36 am
setTopbox's Avatar
I was going to mod my gf's wii, but I don't own one myself. I chipped xbox1's quite a bit over the years and was wondering how this compares in terms of difficulty? How easy is it to brick/ screw up your wii with this?

#4 - shummyr - August 29, 2009 // 6:27 am
shummyr's Avatar
nice review, rep for you and awesome wii mod!

#3 - labonte - August 29, 2009 // 2:43 am
labonte's Avatar
Nice review Idone +rep for you man

#2 - idone - August 28, 2009 // 10:56 pm
idone's Avatar
A few more pics!

#1 - PS4 News - August 28, 2009 // 8:48 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Nice review idone! I will add it to our Reviews Page shortly and +Rep!