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October 28, 2008 // 9:50 pm - According to 1UP (linked above), Sony has confirmed that developers will no longer need to submit a game for content approval, which essentially makes the PlayStation 2 an open platform.

Sony believes that now Russian and Indian developers can create low-cost titles and release them in their own markets as one of the benefits in the removal of the certification process.

To quote: For developers and publishers hoping to release their titles to the console market, the content approval process can be notoriously stressful. Having a game bounced back by Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft indicates that changes need to be made to the near-finished product.

Sometimes this causes more errors to surface, potentially pushing the release date back. But what if the certification processes were to be removed entirely?

According to GameDaily, Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe is doing just that. While addressing an audience of Eastern European developers, Sony Europe developer relations manager George Bain said that developers will no longer have to submit a game for content approval, effectively making the PS2 an open platform. Bain noted that Russian and Indian developers can "create low-development cost titles and release them in their market" as one of the positive effects of this decision.

Sony Removes the PlayStation 2 Certification Process in Europe

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#8 - horoshi - November 23, 2008 // 10:27 am
horoshi's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by CasanovaOCAU View Post
well, maybe this will mean cheaper games?

i agree with you!

#7 - betafear - November 4, 2008 // 10:51 am
betafear's Avatar
how much does a debug ps2 kit cost these days?

does anyone know ?

#6 - virtualdub - November 3, 2008 // 2:55 pm
virtualdub's Avatar
or just more games for those small studios with great ideas.

#5 - CasanovaOCAU - November 3, 2008 // 11:15 am
CasanovaOCAU's Avatar
well, maybe this will mean cheaper games?

#4 - wickerwolf - November 2, 2008 // 12:19 am
wickerwolf's Avatar
The PlayStation 2 is far from dead, and the console is outselling the PS3. With Sony Europe's developer relations manager George Bain announcing that it's no longer necessary for developers to submit upcoming titles to Sony for content approval, don't expect the PS2 to die off anytime soon.

The platform is now open, and this action will certain spur on a spate of low-cost titles. Bain cited territories like Russia and India that are now able to "create low-development cost titles and release them in their market”. Dev kits are still an necessity, but there are no longer PS2 licensing fees. "This has never been done before," notes Bain. "This is something we're actively promoting."

#3 - Shossein - November 1, 2008 // 6:12 am
Shossein's Avatar
so whats the benefit of doing so for sony? selling more? or making the game developers go bankrupt?

#2 - sorceror - October 29, 2008 // 2:22 pm
sorceror's Avatar
They'll still need to get it signed by Sony so it'll run on unmodified PS2s, right?

#1 - CyanCaze - October 29, 2008 // 1:15 pm
CyanCaze's Avatar
I see it more as Sony is getting ready to drop the console. In 2010 it should be gone around November. And then the PS3 will take the lead and most likely get ahead of the 360. If it isn't already.

Edit: I also believe by that time Microsoft and Sony will have beaten the Wii. Mainly because I believe the Wii has had it, casual gamers only take you so far.