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August 16, 2008 // 2:39 pm - You have probably traveled around and seen the Apple vending machines where you can buy iPods and accessories, but on Loot Ninja's recent travels to the twin cities, a.k.a. Minnesota, Loot Ninja came across two vending machines it had never seen before. Right in the Minnesota airport there was a kiosk for Best Buy Express and another not too far away for Sony. There was actually a third one that had Elizabeth Arden products as well, but we weren't as interested in perfume and cosmetics.

The Best Buy vending machine had an assortment of products that any frequent flyer may find a need for like headphones, chargers and video games. Inside there was a few Nintendo DS handhelds as well as Mario Kart and Mario Party for the DS at normal retail prices which was the real shocker, I was certain you would be charged a joy of buying in the airport fee but it was normal MSRP.

In the Sony vending machine there was also an assortment of headphones and accessories but of most important note were the Black PSP Slims, God of War, Crisis Core (which was sold out) and Patapon. Not a bad score if you are in an airport and get delayed. Had you guys seen these before?

Sony and Best Buy Kiosks in the Wild

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