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189w ago - This is just a quick PSA that we have now completed work integrating the PS3 News Quick Style Chooser into our Forums, Portal and 17 Subdomains hosted here which allows you to change the colors based on your preferences while browsing the site each day.

It can be found in the bottom left corner of each page here, and we will continue adding Styles to it frequently.

If anyone wishes to take a screenshot like HeyManHRU did HERE and fill in the colors you'd like to see we will do our best to add a Style under your UserName to pick from as time permits!

Finally, we are still offering $100 US for a new Site Logo... so far we have had a lot of GREAT design ideas in the ongoing thread with the criteria outlined below:

  • The logo should look decent with a transparent background, or able to be made that way upon being selected (most are).
  • The logo design should be unique so that when seen the first thing that comes to a viewer's mind is our site, not "Sony" or "PlayStation 3" so try to avoid using pics of the PS3 itself or accessories, font etc.
  • We prefer round, curvy fonts such as those attached HERE over square/boxy looking ones for the "PS3 News" name in the logo.
  • The logo should match the default site/forum colorscheme (white, black, grey, silver and our blue shades) to naturally blend/fit in.
  • The logo should be visually appealing/friendly horizontally at 150x90, vertically at 46x180 and as our default Forum avatar at 50x50. This is the biggest issue as the same exact logo likely won't work in all three placements just by rotating/resizing it so we need a basic logo design that is versatile enough to work for them all.
  • Post any design ideas / submissions in the ongoing PS3 News Logo thread HERE.

Site News: PS3 News Quick Style Chooser Added, Seeking Logo

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#25 - PS4 News - 189w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
+Rep to Mantagtj also, and if you attach a pic (press Print Screen, then Edit and Paste into Paint and Save) as the time/date etc is all over the Portal and Forum so reducing guesswork (me changing one thing, you looking at another) then I can lighten/darken it to make it perfect for ya!

#24 - Mantagtj - 189w ago
Mantagtj's Avatar
See I like silver (even tho the "1 week ago" bit is very hard to see in the silver with white) cus it goes with my mettallic desktop and chrome chrome (see what i did there! lol), Keep up the good work!

#23 - PS4 News - 189w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Thanks for the feedback properBo and +Rep... we will definitely do some more "darker" ones so that you won't feel like a pumpkin all year round!

The most time-consuming part was integrating the Styles with the Portal and Subdomains... now that it's done, making the new Styles themselves is actually quite painless.

#22 - properBo - 189w ago
properBo's Avatar
so awesome! Halloween all year round for me

#21 - Erz - 189w ago
Erz's Avatar
Hey that's awesome, I think it would be nice if you can add Stars-Like-Sparkling for the Background (like PS3 XMB background)

#20 - Tidusnake666 - 191w ago
Tidusnake666's Avatar
CJPC WIP is awesome theme, definitely my fav, also Mint WIP looks nice!

And, of course, thanks HeymanHRU for your theme!

#19 - DaedalusMinion - 191w ago
DaedalusMinion's Avatar
Sky Blue header with Red Headlines and white colored font with a khaki background. My dream theme.

Also, I cannot believe how SEXY PS3News looks.

#18 - HeyManHRU - 191w ago
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by OGroteKoning View Post

PS: Would love to see the dark style though ... Google has saved quite a lot on power consumption (according to them) with their alternative search engine "Blackle". So by going black we are going green

I just checked it out , looks pretty cool. I agree it would be nice to have a style like that here, not only because it might save power but because it looks good .

#17 - OGroteKoning - 191w ago
OGroteKoning's Avatar
I think cold colours works best. I still like the current look best. The mint is not too bad and CJPC's gives it a nice "underground" feel. The warm colours don't really work for me. I guess the only way to please everyone, is to have 10 permanent schemes to pick from and use the one you like most. I don't know if this will cause problems with the workings of vBulletin later on.

PS: Would love to see the dark style though ... Google has saved quite a lot on power consumption (according to them) with their alternative search engine "Blackle". So by going black we are going green

#16 - PS4 News - 191w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
I am working on a dark style (black vs white background, etc) but it is a little more involved than just swapping a few colors only so no ETA on it... yet.